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Canada’s Envy: Russia and China

by Cameron Pike

I attended a presentation entitled “Rising China: What Lessons Can We Learn From the 19th Party Congress?”, given by Guy Saint-Jacques, former Canadian ambassador to China under Stephen Harper. Guy was asked a question about China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), after not addressing the BRI in his core presentation. But, being forced to answer the audience member’s question, Guy [say it with me – GEE], responded with the following statement:

“The agreements surrounding the BRI are just a way for China to offload their excess steel, concrete and glass.” Slightly paraphrased, this is one of the most ridiculous statements about the BRI that I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of presentations on the subject.

China’s BRI, enshrined in China’s constitution at the same 19th CPC Congress Guy was presenting on, is incontestably the most awesome planet-transforming infrastructure and development project in history. Guy’s response would be laughable if there wasn’t something much more revealing in this and other statements he made, and if he wasn’t part of Canada’s deep state.

This event was put on by the Canadian International Council (CIC), one of the main neo-conservative think tanks whose British controllers are moving the mouth pieces of the Canadian government in lock-step with Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Minister of Canada under the flailing Federal Liberal government. To say that the Federal Liberals are flailing is a gross understatement, considering the utter and dismal failure Justin Trudeau has been as Prime Minister of Canada. When you think of the word ‘Statesman’, Justin Trudeau embodies the exact opposite of everything that that word intends.

However, while Justin Trudeau is taking his ‘Train Wreck’ to a whole new International scale, what I am concerned with here is the distraction he represents from what is really going on in Canada’s failing ruling class.

The CIC holds events regularly sponsored by Global Affairs Canada (GAF), which is Freeland’s dysfunctional, technocratic Imperialist baby at this point, as she is the Minister of Everything. She’s also an avowed Russia hater, which is a very polite way of putting it. After attending this event, I would say that the ideology she and her network are connivingly spreading is also clearly behind the Anti-China uproars Canadians have been inundated with lately. But, the ideology they are espousing is sneaky and lying at best. Worse is they are openly admitting their British ‘pedigree’ and monetary-driven envy towards China’s economic successes using condescension that would make even political-correct ‘hall monitors’ cringe. The Canadian ruling class, as I saw at this event, are far more sophisticated, but superbly condescending nonetheless.

Neo-conservatives posing as neo-Liberals should be of no surprise to fellow revolutionaries paying attention. However, they are still tricky to spot – kind of like a zebra in a black and white-striped maze. People like Freeland and Guy are zebras in the maze of Canadian politics. Freeland and every other modern day elitist colonial outfit in Canada abuse the English language with neo-liberal words that have zero meaning (‘people-kind’). Acceptable and expected lip service being delivered in every boardroom and public meeting across Canada ad nauseam, the CIC meeting opened with the statement that “…this meeting is being held on unceded First Nations territory…” Meanwhile, the very system these elites are promoting is the same system that put First Nations people in residential schools in the first place, keep the minimum wage below survival level, and pump BILLIONS into CEO’s hands around the world while convincing 1st world citizens that China is a human rights abuser and climate change denier.

At this point I must tell you more about this event before I continue. Otherwise you just won’t get the flavor of corruption and moral degeneracy these people have deluded themselves with. Let me tell you, they are deluded, and they are losing this battle. I hope, after reading this article, you will comprehend that we are in fact winning and that this must be communicated to your fellow organizers.

It was with great trepidation that I registered for the event. I didn’t want to go alone as I knew this was the lions’ den. The CIC is the enemy of the people, and I couldn’t figure out why they were opening this discussion to the public. When I registered to get two tickets, I could only get 1. Sold out. So off I went with phone in pocket to record the event. As I waited for the attendees to arrive, the facilitator came in wearing a very prim, slightly flooded blue suit (MS Word or ‘Smurf’ blue), that showed off his jiffy Trudeau-esque socks. He was having some serious compatibility issues between the projector and apple laptop. I watched for 15 minutes as he and another British-schoolboy-type CIC employee helped him, by shaking their heads and pressing many buttons many times. I felt bad for them, sort of, as I know from my own previous work experience that a blunder like that could get you fired. I stepped to the front and politely suggested that it was a compatibility issue and that they might want to call IT or get a suitable cord that would solve the compatibility problem. The innocent, British looking man-child shook my hand and thanked me graciously for the help.

This all took place as I noticed the other attendees arriving. Mostly elderly people walked in who looked like they were attending a vaguely defined Panem (Hunger Games) retirement party. All were posh and colorfully well-dressed seniors for a Monday night meeting of retired British-Canadian Deep State members. Two seats down from me I heard one man mention he used to be the head of the CIIA (Canadian Institute for International Affairs), the forerunner to the CIC and sister organization to Britain’s Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA). Their American counterpart is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). For those still trying to figure out how the deep state in Canada works, the CIC is the Canadian equivalent to Britain’s Chatham House.

However, I also noticed that there were other young non-uniformed minions in the audience, selectively given hand shakes and nods from the seniors in attendance. AH-HA! I thought: they are recruiting!

It is worth it at this point to tell a great story, which I believe illustrates what is happening here:

A newly graduated special operations officer, sent to report to his new commander, shows up and introduces himself. The commander asks the new officer what his areas of specialty are. After he names them, the commander asks if he took any history. The graduate responds, “No”. The commander scratches his head, and the graduate asks what is wrong? The commander says, “I can’t figure out why they listed you as an asset?”

In other words, the neo-liberalism and dumbing down of our general population has depleted their cadre and recruiting base. They need new blood! Alarm bells started going off in my head, but I stayed the course. My plan was just to listen and then leave right after.

Now, this recruiting scheme may not be the case at all levels of the deep state, but I would be willing to put down money that this is the case here in Canada – and I don’t gamble. Otherwise, an organization like the CIC holding this event open to the public, and others I’ve attended lately, just doesn’t make sense. This kind of public discussion just does not happen in Canada. So, I was glad to get an opportunity to share this with you readers.

So, I was ready to listen and soak up as much of the experience as I could. I watched as Guy presented his version of what is happening in Canada-China relations in the context of the 19th Party Congress. Below is a list of presentation highlights. While all points deserve their own reflection and rebuttal, I will just leave these here with some quips. The real kickers from Guy’s presentation will get their own treatment later:

  • Xi’s ‘Communism with Chinese characteristics was referred to by Guy as ‘Socialism with a Market Economy’ – that would be how western elites see it actually, but still not reality
  • Xi is a cult figure with absolute authority but NOT absolute power – this is an opening for the west to undermine Xi in China, in my opinion
  • China’s advances in Military and Economic power is not good news for their neighbors – maybe they should ask the Philippines, North and South Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia and Russia first, hmmm?
  • There has been a 70% changeover in Party leadership over the last few years – he coated over the fact that this changeover is due to Xi’s determined and principled crackdown on corruption
  • China’s government and politburo have a climate of fear – no kidding, the corrupt should be afraid if they are in Xi’s sphere
  • Canadian officials are frustrated that they only have access to the Chinese government and not the Politburo (Communist Party Leadership) – yeah, I guess so, since that is where the real power and discussions take place – not going to happen Guy
  • Pollution is way down in China – accurate and deserving of a nod
  • 7 premiers from Canada have visited China – as they should
  • 7 members of the Politburo have come to Canada – as they should
  • Canadian government officials have been frustrated at inaccurate counts of Chinese students studying in Canada, but the numbers are roughly 186,000 – this is just insinuating that Chinese spies are everywhere
  • China is a difficult market for foreign companies – only the ones who want to speculate, not for the ones who actually participate productively in the BRI
  • The Chinese regulatory environment is opaque and unpredictable – like our number one trading partner, the US, is not
  • Negotiations have been difficult in getting binding dispute mechanisms in place – again, only because the speculators and neo-liberal economics freaks want China to open their markets to speculation, and labour agreements that contain meaningless and destructive gender-neutral ‘language’, something CHINA WILL NEVER DO – therefore Xi is an evil, murderous, blood thirsty demon that must be regime-changed
  • Canada must make better use of the Chinese diaspora in Canada – warning to all Chinese here in Canada that you will be targeted for propaganda, lied to, and used to undermine China’s coming global and hegemonic economic win-win paradigm, which will benefit the general welfare in both China and Canada
  • China is a human rights abuser – he gave zero evidence, just blah, blah, blah.

So, as if this presentation of ‘facts’ couldn’t have gotten reality more garbled, it did. What blew my mind, was when Guy talked about Canada-China trade dollars. According to latest market reports, Canada-China trade is at $81Billion, British Columbia and Alberta garnering most of that. When Guy went through these numbers, he said that this number is likely inaccurate. What I heard next from the Panem around me was snickering. Snickering and giggling, like a kid who just got away with something bad, kind of snickering. Guy went on to say that the numbers are likely higher than the reports suggest because of capital being moved from China to Canada via Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, and Hong Kong. Woah. This, ladies and gentle readers is the offshore black market of Canada’s elites.

Worthy of note, is that while not many people are aware, Vancouver, Canada has the highest number of addresses listed in the Panama Papers’ disclosure, and the Paradise papers are a close second. British Columbia, as I said in my question to Guy at the end of the presentation, is almost unlivable, largely due to this very problem that Canada refuses to address, known internationally as ‘Snow-Washing’. Most of the offshoring is due to our unregulated, ‘free market’ economics, which is facilitated by the exploding housing market. Don’t forget it was the CMHC which facilitated the bail-out for Canada’s banks in 2008. Foreigners with money, a lot of them from China fleeing Xi’s crackdown on corruption, are buying properties in B.C. at exorbitant prices with cash. If you are a hard-working individual with a decent chunk of money wanting to buy something more affordable in the Lower Mainland area, get in line behind Chinese, British and other elites from around the world, and cross your fingers. Brexit actually made Canada’s offshore problem entrenched because Brexit allowed Britain’s elite to move their money out of Britain, and guess where they are likely headed? Canada’s lax and openly mafia-style economic ‘loopholes’ are responsible for this. I repeat, it is CANADA THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR ECONOMIC STRUGGLES – NOT CHINA as we are being told. If the snickering from the audience doesn’t tell you the problems that need to be addressed by us, Canadian taxpayers and voters, but are being blamed on foreigners by the British-Canadian elite, doesn’t convince you then read on.

The meeting was duly rounded out with the expected and nauseous questions from the Panem wanna-be’s about human rights and climate change. Some of the more critical questions and answers were “What exactly is China’s intention behind all this infrastructure building?”, and, “Should we Canadians be concerned about China buying Aecon?”, and, “Should we be concerned about corporate espionage?” Aecon is the main construction companybuilding the highly controversial Site-C dam in Northern British Columbia. Guy issued the following statement with a straight and serious face: Because Barack Obama’s United States did not respond to Russia’s ‘invasion of Crimea’, and the ‘chemical weapons attack in Syria by the evil bloodthirsty Assad’, China saw it as a free ticket to build in the South China Sea and expand their economic and military influence globally…[if you did not grasp the intense insanity of that statement the first time around, you may want to read it again]. This is some highly inventive propaganda going on here, folks!

Now, if you are paying attention to world events, not as they are being reported by the compulsive liars in mainstream media, but by this blog and others, you will understand how absolute and fantastically deluded this answer was. For you, dear readers, I doubt you will need much proof of how completely out of touch with reality these statements are. There is plenty of on the ground reporting posted on the Saker and reported by others like Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), Executive Intelligence Review (EIRNS), independent reporters like Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Senator Richard Black, and so many other brave souls to name who have risked their lives to defend the truth in Syria, the Ukraine, and North Korea, among other places.

After hearing Guy’s answer, I could not sit and just take notes like a polite Canadian is expected to do. That was MY red line, I suppose. Here’s what I said:

Cameron: “Not sure if anyone here has read Xi Jinping’s speech but I have. It is very inspiring for a so-called dictator of an autocratic country. What China has been concerned about is the Middle-Income Gap, of which they have identified and are enacting a solution. What is remarkable is that when Canadians complain about China’s human rights, in the last 15 years, China has raised 800M people out of poverty. In the context of human rights, Canada is fast, domestically, struggling with our own human rights problems. We have a lot more to worry about inside Canada than only First Nations water rights.

Do you know what the minimum wage is?”

Guy: “Um, eleven seventy-five”

Cameron: “The cost of living in most of Canada is almost unlivable. If we’re talking about basic human rights, Canada has more to worry about inside Canada, with a population that is on the verge of having enough of elitism, colonialism, and a service economy. Conrad Black wrote that the service economy is no longer sustainable. While everyone has a problem with State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s), it is those very SOE’s that has raised 800M people out of poverty in China. Infrastructure has raised those people out of poverty. How can Canada expect to reach an understanding and sincerely engage in FTA’s with China, when 97% of our economy is in speculation, while only 5 – 7% of China’s economy is exposed to speculation? When the inevitable financial bubble bursts, China is going to be ok and we are not. I am more concerned about our economy than human rights in China.”

Guy: “Thank you for your remark. You’re right about Xi’s speech being inspiring, and he does state his intention to raise their entire population out of poverty in the next years. People’s expectation in China has changed over the years. Years ago, Chinese people, when asked, only wanted to have a wrist watch, a bicycle, a sewing machine, and a radio. I have said to Chinese and Canadian associates that the Chinese should be grateful for the progress they’ve experienced. Tremendous progress has been had in China, getting rid of pollution […the genie’s out of the bottle on climate change], there are lessons we can learn from China, that we have to innovate more in the West as China has. We need to learn from each other.”

As I was speaking, members of the audience including smurf-man, turned around to look at who was saying these things. After my question was answered, Smurf-man got up quickly and ended the meeting with, “Soooo, thank you everyone for comiiiing”. Disgusted, I grabbed my coat and left immediately. This district dweller wasn’t going to wait for any of the Panem to recruit me into their next Hunger Game. Two people followed me out of the meeting to say thank you for my question, and that they agreed with what I said. One of these people was an elderly Chinese-Canadian woman who admitted she came out of curiosity when she saw the meeting advertised, as she has been excited about the BRI project and wanted to know more. When I asked her if she had satisfied her curiosity, we both agreed that what we just witnessed was a meeting of elites who did not have a clue about reality.

One last hilarity that happened before the meeting began late, due to the projector problems: the CIC leaders-in-training were helped by one twenty-something Chinese IT person so that Guy’s crap could be spewed on the screen. I couldn’t help but note the irony after listening to the presentation.

Canada is in for a huge, ‘MAGA’-like wakeup call. In light of Trump’s battle against the Deep State in the U.S., with Hillary Clinton and Obama being seriously challenged, the insanity of neo-liberal menticide conducted on the American, Canadian and European populations for the last 60 years, the sane, rational all but silenced and angry voices are speaking up. The National Rifle Association (NRA) issued one of their first political call to arms in years against this insanity last week. For ‘gun-culture’ critics in and out of the U.S., the NRA speak on behalf of members and non-members, including many Canadians, who have quite simply had enough of the dystopia projected into the western world’s living rooms. Guns are not the issue here. Standing up to the Imperialist system of the City of London and Wall Street’s destructive, imperialist monetary and neo-conservative/neo-liberal policies ARE the issue. Reality is not being addressed by our Institutions any longer – so if your only argument is about ‘to-gun’ or ‘not-to-gun’ then you have your head in the sand. No solutions are being presented. Instead we are told to open wide and swallow shallow virtue-signals which ignore the opioid crisis, gross FBI incompetence too high and grave to qualify properly in this sentence, domestic and foreign Pentagon/CIA operations so evil that, at this point, makes Nazi Germany’s crimes look like a misdemeanor. We have bankers and corporate executives rigging and exploiting the population through economic manipulation on such a grand scale without any government regulation or interference that the fallout is going to make 1929 look like Grandpa stole cookies from the cookie jar. Dear readers, we are literally at the tipping point of revolution – NOW.

The only policy that is going to get us back from the brink, promoted in Canada by the Society for the New Humanist Paradigm, internationally by the Schiller Institute and the LaRouche movement are encompassed in the following policies: 1) Glass Steagall, 2) National Banking, 3) Massive Infrastructure building and financing, and 4) Science driver projects. If these are not enacted, I suggest you consider the alternatives: war, austerity, more war, austerity, civil war, and austerity. Oh, and blowback from the killing of 1000’s of innocents a day (A DAY) in places most westerners can’t point to on a map. Rest assured, the people from countries the U.S. has been bombing to oblivion know where the U.S. is.

You probably thought I was only talking about the United States in referring to war, austerity, and civil war. To my fellow Canadians’ ‘not-in-my-backyard’ types, watching the insanity of U.S. culture from our safe and self-righteous northern border, please take note. Most North American cities like Vancouver IS Panem, and we peasants are the districts. Our cities have been Agenda 21’d successfully. Sure, the surface is shiny like a new quarter, that’s how it was meant to look – to distract you, sort of like Justin Trudeau’s socks. Meanwhile most honest hard-working people struggle painstakingly from month to month, and many, many more don’t make it. Homelessness and drug deaths in Vancouver is pandemic, and I would venture to say that most of Canada is in the same boat. In the prairie Provinces, when you’re homeless in March, blankets and sleeping bags don’t keep the human body alive when it is -55. It is time, fellow Canadians, to stop pointing fingers at Trump or the U.S. Deep State and start looking inward. Canada’s own Deep State, like the CIC, Canada 2020, Vision Vancouver, and many other Canadian talking-head institutions are much more active these days to attempt to quell the gravity well that is the BRI. I would say, too late, Panem, or maybe even #nottodaysatan.

Global Affairs Canada, and their British-Canadian mouth pieces at the CIC, in coordination with technocrat ‘elite-whisperer’ Chrystia Freeland, are condescending, imperialist bodies of evil masquerading as well-cultured thinkers. Despite their history and elitist pedigree, they are still a part of the old paradigm, New World Order, Project for a New American Century (PNAC), and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), now transformed into Canada 2020, the Federal body politic in Canada. Canada 2020 is the hotbed of neo-conservatives posing as neo-liberal zebras – and their apparatus is directly connected to the Hillary Clinton and Obama political machine, including the vile John Podesta. Now, we know, too, that this apparatus are also the authors of the ENTIRE Russia-did-it campaign, and soon to be China-is-evil campaign being stirred up. And they want WAR. Don’t think Scheer or Singh will be any different. Our elected officials are kept in line by the unelected officials like those at the CIC.

I’m going to divert here for a moment, if you will allow me to reflect on the irony of Occupy Wall Street’s mammoth failure, being that it was started in Vancouver by Adbusters, and that all my efforts to get Occupy Vancouver to talk about economics policies was rendered moot by ‘white male privilege’ arguments.

I was struck sitting at the CIC event, by the harsh reality that, considering the amount of money which goes into eco-activism and related ‘causes’ here on the Left Coast, why don’t they protest Nuclear war? Have you ever asked yourself that? There’s a myriad of legitimate reasons for the foot soldiers of these movements. But the leaders? Why doesn’t Naomi Klein or David Suzuki speak up about the U.S. nuclear posture review, and Putin’s devastating recent response? Here’s my answer: Eco-activists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and most of the Alt-Left in the West (which were spawned from Occupy, by the way) don’t protest the financial military industrial complex because THEIR LEADERS ARE THE ELITES MINIONS, whether they know it or not. Development projects like the BRI, we are told, is the enemy by the left and the elites, when the opposite couldn’t be truer. When you scratch the surface of most radical eco-activists, they really see humanity as the enemy, not people like those at the CIC. Eco-activist leaders like Naomi Klein, just like the elites she represents, have a scorched-earth policy: if they can’t rule and control it how they want, they will burn or kill it – like a petulant child throwing a catastrophic earth-ending temper tantrum. That is why she admitted in an interview that the real target of her policies is to bring down Capitalism, (Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald should be ashamed of themselves for associating with her – honestly). This is not just a moral problem but an intellectual crisis that will last for generations if it is not stopped.

People who live in big cities all over North America have had psychic surgery performed on them with identity politics, eco-activism, neo-liberalism, LGTB legislation, and now the #MeToo movement, precisely because Wall Street and the City of London’s policies have made our cities unlivable, overcrowded and expensive beyond any rationality or justification. In reality, it is not development or capitalism that is to blame. The blame lies squarely with bankers and financial policy writers who make development and capitalism work for them, not the rest of us or the environment we live in. In this context, considering how much positive change the BRI has and will bring to the most poverty-stricken areas of the world, upper middle-class Vancouverites accusing China of human rights violations and climate change denial is something that only the brainwashed or elitist wanna-be’s would put enough energy into to muster a question to elites at an event like this. And that’s precisely what I witnessed.

But we don’t have a true economics education, either, in our society to know this (Thanks Occupy). So, we trudge along month to month, most of our spare time spent staring into the TV just to ‘get away from it all’.

I would venture to say that even you, reader, have contemplated if humanity was worth the fight. Sitting there, looking at the facilitator’s socks in front of me, I had to ask myself, where were all the Occupy people I argued with and fought side by side with? Why weren’t they there at the CIC event telling these people to go to hell? Besides the fact that Occupy was a now-proven Soros operation from top to bottom, there were a lot of well-meaning people involved who were really trying to understand the problems, but they just didn’t have the mental tools or historical knowledge to figure it out. No offense intended – please. This brings me back to the depletion of the elite’s cadre.

The Trans-Atlantic Imperialists, who are now openly finding shelter in Canada’s foreign policy, government, and corporatist structures, have, over the last 50 years, neutered the labour movement, performed menticide on the younger generation of potential activists through Occupy into what we see today in the alt-left, and de-moralized the anti-war/anti-globalist movements with shallow and meaningless neo-liberal programming. Let me not mince words here: I mean ACTUAL brainwashing. When you consider ALL of this together, like listening to a symphony, it is no wonder people in North American cities don’t fight for anything meaningful like economic justice, cooperation with Russia and China, or the BRI. That is why I sat alone at the CIC meeting. This is why Occupy went from being about the 2007/8 bail-out to ‘white privilege’. The only ones who have privilege are the elites, dear Canadians and Americans, and the rest of us are at the breaking point.

But, friends, do take heart. What was clear to me at this CIC event is that the Trans-Atlantic Imperialist policies are losing ground rapidly. This network’s degeneracy and lies have been hundreds of years in the making. They use the same tactics over and over, as real history shows, just with a new coat of paint. (That’s why they don’t teach history properly.) Zebras abound in the maze of Canadian and U.S. politics. But, with enough courage, using reality as you know it and feel every day, using a concert of truths, talk about the reality in faraway places even though you may never have been or may never go. Speak your truth clearly with confidence and we will put these parasites in the dustbin of history where they belong.

Hold tight. The New Paradigm awaits us all. Real leaders like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and all voices inside Canada, the United States and Europe who have simply had enough will make it happen with your support and courage. I would even venture to say that Trump would make the right leadership decisions if he were just given a fucking chance by the deep state corporate media establishment, and not surrounded by war mongering military morons.

As they say, speak the truth, even if your voice shakes or if your knees and hands tremble. There is an entire generation of orphaned children whose parents were killed in Syria, in Palestine, in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, former Yugoslavia, Haiti, Sudan, Venezuela, Somalia, Pakistan and in Eastern Ukraine and more, by the policies of our governments which are continuing unabated. These children, and your children, need you to tell the Imperialists that we’ve had enough of them killing in our name. What kind of world will the next generation be left to deal with, and are they being given the mental, physical and emotional tools to fix it? I think, at this point, you and I both know the answer.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, known in China as the New Silk Road Lady, wrote an article which clearly spells out the New Paradigm and what it means:

“In fact, we are currently experiencing an epochal change. The period of nearly 600 years since the Italian Renaissance and the emergence of the sovereign nation-state, in which oligarchic forms of government and governments committed to the common good existed side by side, is coming to an end. The new paradigm, a new phase in human evolution, is already visible. The closest approximation to this is Xi Jinping’s vision of a community of common destiny—the concept that the idea of “one humanity” is set forth to all nations. The economic equivalent of this idea is the New Silk Road, in which all sovereign nations work together on the basis of cooperation for mutual benefit.

What we are currently experiencing, with all the unprovable accusations of “Russian hacking,” “interference in democratic elections,” “Chinese hegemony,” “threats to the Western system of democracy and human rights by authoritarian systems,” etc., is nothing more than a last gasp of a failing oligarchic system. The next financial collapse of this system—which has opened the gap between rich and poor, and whose policy of perpetual war has brought us both the refugee crisis and an epidemic of violence among young people and in the so-called entertainment industry—will be worse than it was in 2008.

It is time for rational people to reflect. We should use this new Sputnik shock and do what Putin said in his speech: “Let us sit down at the negotiating table and work together to design a new and relevant system of international security and sustainable development for all of human civilization.”

We can heal things still. We are the next generations’ hope. We can bring in the New Humanist Paradigm with your support because it already exists in Eurasia, China and Russia and in parts of Africa. Help the individuals and organizations I’ve mentioned in this article to crush the old imperialist paradigm with a whisper and not another catastrophic bang. Help us usher in the New Paradigm, for humanity’s sake.

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