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Top 18 Updates: Russia Military Map – DEC. 4, 2015

4. Two motorized rifle brigades to undergo battle drills

Location: Nizhniy Novgorod

The brigades will train at the brand-new Western Military District training area patterned after the US NTC. The training will entail live-fire exercises, maneuver training, as well as a brigade-level force-on-force exercise.

5. New artillery brigade

Location: Buryatiya

It appears this is a reactivation of cadred unit, as it is equipped with mostly self-propelled systems of older manufacture, including 122mm 2S1, 152mm 2S5, and 204mm 2S7 SP howitzers. More than 85% of the brigade’s soldiers are serving on multi-year contracts as opposed to one-year draft, suggesting the brigade is intended for deployments outside the country.

6. New training regimen for peacekeeping brigade


Location: Samara

The Central Military District motorized rifle brigade that is optimized for peacekeeping operations will implement a new training regimen for units that are fully staffed by contract soldiers. The combined individual and unit training cycle is scheduled to last 10 months.

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