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Top 18 Updates: Russia Military Map – DEC. 4, 2015

13. Caspian Flotilla sortie


Location: Caspian Sea

Three Buyan-M missile corvettes sortied into the Caspian Sea on December 1 in order to perform an unspecified combat mission. Each of the three ships carries 8 UKSK launch cells for Kalibr cruise missiles, which have been launched at ISIS targets in Syria during earlier sorties, most recently on November 20. The latest cruise took place against the backdrop of growing tensions between Russia and Turkey over the Su-24M shoot-down over Syria.

14. Admiral Gorshkov cruise missile launch tests


Location: White Sea

It was not reported which missiles were used in the tests, however, since they were launched against both land and sea targets it’s fair to conclude that both the Oniks and Kalibr systems (with the ship having 16 dual-purpose launch cells that accommodate both of these weapons) were used.

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