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Solidarity with the people of Niger – Keep an Eye on Niger!

LISTEN, whatever you do, never let the Niger Republic off your radar! The reason they couldn’t carry out their evil machinations (military intervention) was because of the sustained public outcry, mostly on social media. The sensitization was massive. Knowledge and information were disseminated at a speed faster than the speed of light. Africans began to know the truth and the more they knew the truth, the more enraged they became because knowledge is power.

So, the aggressors panicked and pulled back. But right now, as you read this, Emmanuel Macron is reportedly planning to attack Niger with so-called West African allies, in whose countries they’re now amassing weapons and fighting men. African men! Can you imagine this?! Look, I have said this before and I’ll say it again, the land of AFRICA will never forgive the generations of any man or country that allows its forces from the continent of AFRICA to attack another African country because a vampiric, parasitic, obnoxiously imperialistic France wanted them to do it.

This would be the worst crime that any African country could ever commit in this century. We already know that most of these so-called African leaders are under a strong colonial spell and would want to try. But Africans must rise wherever they are to resist this madness! Macron must be made to understand that AFRICA belongs to Africans and not France. He must be made to understand that times have changed and the satanic “Pact for the continuation of colonization” has effectively been nullified by the blood of our slain ancestors whose spirits have risen in this generation to finish what they started.

As of a few days ago, Macron was still issuing press releases, shamelessly claiming he doesn’t recognize the junta in Niger, insisting he’ll only pull the 1,500 French soldiers illegally occupying Nigerien soil only if the ousted and arrested former Nigerien president Bazoum, asks him to pull them out. This same Macron who’s refusing to recognize the Nigerien junta only two years ago, backed a bloodless coup in Chad because it was meant to serve the interest of France. The Chadian coup plotters were immediately recognized as legitimate by Macron. But Niger’s are “illegitimate” because France was outsmarted and they lost big. Macron can flex muscles today because these bloodsuckers effectively demilitarized AFRICA and ensured we’re not Nuclear Armed in any way. If we were, no Macron or Western leader would speak when we speak. They had to wait till they could disarm Gaddafi – when in 2003 they got Gaddafi to eliminate his country’s weapons of mass destruction programs, including a decades-old nuclear weapons program. That’s why they took him out 7 years later in 2011.

Gaddafi had the blueprint for world dominance and they couldn’t wait to see him gone. With North Korea, the situation is different. North Korea isn’t even seeing eye to eye with them let alone talk. So, they’re scared to death. NK flexes whenever they want to and the West just can’t do jack! Do you know why? North Korea is fortified with the only weapon that tames colonial excesses in our world. Same with Iran. You may not know this and I don’t even intend to speak more on it now, but the potential for Africa’s nuclear empowerment is no longer a distant reality and the colonial west is scared to death at the prospect of this.

With Uranium all over the place and Russia, the world’s greatest nuclear power standing behind Africans, Macron knows it’s only a matter of time before a nuclear-powered Africa emerges from the shadows. And when that happens, I’d like to see where colonial France will find the guts to violate the territorial integrity of Africans. But for now, all eyes must be on Niger! Never forget that. And believe me, AFRICA is winning this!

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