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Turkey Blocks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Over Images of Slain Prosecutor!

Apart from the world largest social networking sites, the court ruling orders authorities to block a total of 166 websites that published the controversial photos.

Turkish authorities on Monday blocked access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over the publication of an image of a Turkish prosecutor being held by leftist militants during a hostage standoff which resulted in his death.

The sites were inaccessible for many users in Turkey, with the Hurriyet newspaper saying that service providers got an order from prosecutors to block Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Ban of Facebook was lifted soon after its introduction, since it agreed to delete the offending image, while Twitter and YouTube continued to be inaccessible.

According to the Hurriyet, a recent court ruling ordered authorities to block a total of 166 websites that published the controversial photos. The list includes specific links to the stories published by Turkish newspapers.

YouTube.com ran the text of a court ruling on its site saying an “administration measure” had been implemented by the country’s telecommunications authority.

Last year Turkey banned access to Twitter and YouTube on March 20th and March 27th respectively in the leadup to the March 30th elections.

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