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Ukraine SITREP: April 21th – Raskolnikova

1)Ukraine’s parliament has defined the start date of the “Russian aggression

Парламент Украины определил дату начала «российской агрессии»

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a resolution which demanded Russia immediately withdraw its troops from the Ukraine and to stop supporting the “people’s republic”. The document defines the date of commencement of aggression – February 20.


2)The number of refugees from Ukraine exceeded 800 thousands.
Число беженцев из Украины превысило 800 тыс. человек.
In particular, almost 660,000 people officially registered in Russia and another 81,000 – in Belarus. The number of people fleeing from the Donbass in other regions of Ukraine – 1 million 228 thousands


3)US will give Ukraine $ 17.7 million in food stamps and drinking water.

США предоставят Украине $17,7 миллионов в виде талонов на питание и питьевой воды.


4)People ridiculed Poroshenko’s lunch with the US military.

В соцсетях высмеяли обед Порошенко с американскими военными


5)Military events in the NovoRussia for 20/04/2015.
Сводка военных событий в Новороссии за 20.04.2015.


6)Military events in the NovoRussia for 21/04/2015.
Хроника военных событий в Новороссии за 21.04.2015.


7)Preparation for the spring-summer 2015 campaign.

Подготовка к весенне-летней кампании 2015.


8)Yatsenyuk owes 3 million hryvnia for housing and communal services
Дом Яценюка задолжал 3 млн гривен за ЖКХ.


9)Zakharchenko: voluntary mobilization in DPR implemented by 110%.

Захарченко: добровольная мобилизация в ДНР реализована на 110%.


10)US, Russia Should Partner in Arctic  US Senator.


11)Sanctions in Russian Oil Sector Unlikely to Be Softened.


12)Poroshenko Has World’s Worst “Speed Date” With US Troops.


13)Russia Specialist David Kerans: The West Is Trying to Drive a Wedge Between Russia and Eastern Europe.


14)Slain Ukrainian Journalist’s Open Letter to U.S. Embassy During the Maidan Coup.


15)Kiev welcomes US troops to help fight for freedom and democracy.


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