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US Bid to Isolate Russia & Latin America Speeds Creation of New Alliances

Ariel Noyola Rodriguez, economist and editorialist for Contralinea Magazine, takes note of that US endeavors to contain developing economies including Russia and the nations of Latin America work just to hurry these countries’ endeavors to make another, genuinely multipolar world request autonomous of Washington’s impact.
The economist contends that the Eurasian Union task and Latin America’s Common Market of the South (Mercosur) supplement one another in a crucial manner, serving as “a vital component in the barrier of power and the advancement of a multipolar world request.”

Rodriguez clarifies that more than 50 percent of Russian exports to Latin America comprise of manures, minerals, and fuel. Consequently, Latin American nations furnish Russia with agrarian items, meat and electronic parts. Rodriguez takes note of that “as per the undertakings expounded by the Institute of Latin America, some piece of the Russian Academy of Sciences, respective exchange will see 100 billion dollars by 2030, a 500% expansion.”



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