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Video: Take the Driver’s Seat: Star Wars Imperial Speeder Bike Comes to Life.

Inspired by Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, one fan chose to see for himself how the planet could be seen through the eyes of a Scout Trooper chasing Luke Skywalker through the forest of Endor.

© Photo: makezine.com

Star Wars fan Adam Woodsworth has come up with a handy remote control version of the Star Wars Imperial Speeder Bike.

He modified a quadcopter (a small rotary-winged aircraft) and a Hasbro Power of the Force series Speeder Bike toy to create a vehicle straight out of the movie..

To manage to “get into” and fly around himself, the inventor mounted a Scout trooper on the bike who includes a forward-pointing camera on his head. The recorded video of his fly through the air gives one the illusion he is flying himself, and it’s funny to look at it from a first-person perspective.

The inventor shared the facts of his construction process via the internet site  Make.com, a niche site for Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas.

Hop on board and watch the speeder bike fly through a park.

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