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Naija Gist Special: Sign of a Dysfunction Social System Of The State ?

I was just minding my business when I came accross this post on facebook group. Someone by the name Osazuwa Fredrick Nosa‎ shared a post and tagged the post with #BanBBNaijaNow, #theYouthSpeaks.

I have just been thinking about the post. Could this be a sign of a completely broke down social system of the state ? The Youths are busy watching BBNaija just to calm their anger down.

The point that touched my heart the most is when he wrote “Only in NIGERIA, will a deviant from the ‘Big Brother Naija Show’ win a whooping sum of 60 Million Naira for only been a pervert, while the best graduating student from the University will be rewarded with a meagre sum of 100 Naira for intellectual excellence and hard work. What a Country!!!

Naija Gist Special

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