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Video of the Day: ASP Olanrewaju Durodola and Dmitry Kudryashov

Why is it video of the day ? It’s video of the day not because Olarenwaju the boxer won  the Russian boxer, Dmitry Kudryashov but because of the instructor communicated with Olanrewaju in Yoruba language. You can imagine the effect our mother tongue will have on our society if it’s used as first official language  in major regions in Nigeria, lets take for example, Yoruba, igbo and Hausa ?

I think it’s time to retrace our history and find a common ground because our culture and tradition is facing extinction by the day. In Switzerland for example has 3 official languages. Nigeria’s population is bigger than that of Switzerland so why can’t we have this in Nigeria or do we have to wait until Ghana start using theirs as official language ?  History has it that Ghana started the independent movement from the European invaders and other countries followed. Lets hear what you think in the comment box bellow.
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