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The Èkó(s) of the Oòduà (Yorùbá) Homeland.

Èkó-Ènde (Ìfẹ́lódùn LGA, State of Ọ̀ṣun)Èkó-Àkéte (Lagos Island LGA, Lagos State)Èkó-Àjàlá (Ìfẹ́lódùn LGA, State of Ọ̀ṣun)Èkó – Efun ( Amongst The Olukumi of Delta state) 2021 Edition of the Ọ̀tín-Èkó Festival where the Ọ̀tín River is celebrated by the Èkó ...

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History Oòduà Yorùbá Language

History: Oòduà (Yorùbá) Language

 In fact, by the time the trade with Europe started, the Yoruba language had become the lingua franca for peoples beyond the Oòduà (Yorùbá) ethnic homeland. Writing about the Aja kingdom of Allada in 1668, Dapper said: “Their own mother ...

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my Best Enemy part - Original painter: Prof. Moyo Okediji

My Best Enemy: Part 1

“Prof, I have an update for you,” her voice said with urgency. It’s my “friend,” the one who doesn’t know whether or not to disclose to her daughter in Canada that the man she had always called father is not ...

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my Best Enemy part - Original painter: Prof. Moyo Okediji

My Best Enemy: Part 2

“I remember so very clearly when hooligans came to burn down your mother’s shop,” Aduke said. “It’s one of the most vivid memories that I carry from my childhood. I had seen you in school that same day, I think. ...

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my Best Enemy part

My Best Enemy: Part 3

Fear gradually gripped me, as I sat there in the hot shop with my father, my mother, and other relatives, waiting for a crowd of assorted characters gathered in front of the shop to set us ablaze. I was not ...

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Sháyó Philosophy

Yesterday we met again to see if they had hot pepper soup at the local African joint. Logically, when these simple folks enter a pepper soup joint, it is like Ṣẹ̀lẹ́ enter spirit: matters get philosophically historical like a magical ...

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Ògúndá Ogbè Breaking News

Ògúndá Ogbè: Breaking News

Agongo sígo sígo The Ifa diviner called Agongo sígo sígo Agongo sìgo sìgo Another Ifa diviner called Agongo sìgo sìgo A dífá fún Ògúndá They were the diviners for Ògúndá Èyí tí ó tẹ̀hìn wá The one who came from ...

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Ede Odùduwà: YORUBA – A Language of NIGERIA (and the WORLD)

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Ogbè kànràn

Odù, “Ogbè kànràn” cast for today’s Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá

Looking at the Odù, “Ogbè kànràn” cast for today’s Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá, I can advise that Ifá shouldn’t be just decorations but served diligently having sacrificed a lot including huge money to acquire it. You should count yourself lucky that you ...

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ebo yoruba

Ebo: The Child Of Orunmila

Ebo is the child of Orunmila. Orunmila created Ebo on this Earth to solve the problems of human beings. People on earth use Ebo not only to solve problems but to alleviate suffering. After the sacrifice (Etutu) is made, a ...

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