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Beluga whale from the Arctic spotted in France’s Seine river

A Beluga whale, a protected species usually found in cold Arctic waters, has been seen in France’s Seine river, with authorities urging people to keep their distance to avoid distressing the animal. Officials in the Eure department of Normandy said late ...

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Whale found in sierra Leone

Video: Whale Appears At The Shores Of A Beach In Sierra Leone

The marine mammal got stranded at Lumley Beach in Sierra Leone’s capital. Many people from around Freetown capital came to watch the stranded whale. A tractor eventually helped move the mid-sized humpback back into the sea. On the 23rd of ...

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How To Stop Insects From Your House

Get Salt, Kerosene And Any Detergent And Do This. Many have wasted a lot of money on insecticide, not knowing that there is also another way through which you can also get rid of insects both the ones flying and ...

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The Long, Green Snake I Killed In My Site (Photos)

I went to the site where they are building house for me to supervise them around 6pm today. As I was trying to lean on the wall, this snake popped up from the hollow block. It is using the hole ...

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Ijapa Oke and the Ijapa Odo

Ijapa Odo and Ijapa Oke

We have the Ijapa Oke and the Ijapa Odo . There is the aquatic turtle and the land tortoise. Both can swim. Yarinbo is the female specie while Idere is the younger one. Oodua (Yoruba) is just deep Ijapa Odo ...

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When last did you see any of these creatures ?

These creatures are speedily disappearing from our environments in Africa due to climate change.

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Too bad! This Beautiful Python eats itself to death, see what it swallowed

Aww, this 13 feet mammoth Python murdered itself by gulping more than it could bite. The rock Python was discovered dead along the edge of the street at Lake Eland Game Reserve, close Port Shepstone, South Africa. At the point ...

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Lions in S. Africa are killed, decapitated and their feet sliced off

Two white lions held in homestead on a homestead in Limpopo, South Africa have been harmed by poachers who remove their heads and paws for use. The lions are claimed to have been targeted as a major aspect of a ...

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Agama Lizard Edible meat in Nigeria ?

As indicated by the Guardian, the shocking heatwave has brought on swarms of reptiles to escape from the northern part of the nation and are currently headed to  the south… Do people eat agama lizard in Nigeria ? I heard rumour ...

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Video: Meet the Monkey That Understands Nigerian Edo Language

So entertaining see a Monkey that Understands Nigerian “EDO” Language… smile Lol My Dear Edo People come and offer us Some assistance with translating Watch the video when you continue after the page break.

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