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After NSA Hack China Stops Buying Major US Tech Brands

China has been axing major US technology companies from its government purchasing list in support of local brands. Some analysts believe fears over NSA spy technology could possibly be to blame. The list of products for the Central Government Procurement Center (CGPC), ...

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China begins Military Drills Near Korean Peninsula: Reports

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has begun an eight-day standard military practice close Korean Peninsula. LAGOS, January 10 (Ooduarere) — The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has begun its standard military penetrates in the waters adjoining the Korean Peninsula, ...

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China launches new meteorological satellite from the country’s southwest, Xinhua

China has Launched another meteorological satellite from the nation’s southwest, Xinhua news organization reported Wednesday. China Launches Yaogan-26 Remote Sensing Satellite ABUJA, December 31 (Ooduarere) Lolade – The Fengyun-II 08 satellite, propelled from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan area, ...

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China bans reciting of its National Anthem at weddings and funerals

As indicated by an announcement by Chinese Xinhua News Agency, China’s national song of devotion can never again be performed at weddings, funerals, balls or other non-political event. They can now just be performed at certain honorable occasions. The song ...

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China and Pakistan Strengthen ties, Sign 20 Agreements

Asian Leader Xi Jinping and Pakistani Primary Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif have had talks in Beijing on Saturday, Nov 8, directed at strengthening bilateral political and financial cooperation. “China will continue to support Pakistan in developing economy and maintaining stability,” said ...

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Chinese Woman got stripped to the waist after being nabbed stealing by store owner

A lady shoplifter was stripped to her waist by way a merciless store owner after she was nabbed stealing in her store. The shoplifter, 28 year old Yu Chung, went to the store in China’s Zhejiang province to get clothes ...

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The entry of China into the African market meant “competition ” to the West in particular USA

African people and their governments must assume their responsibilities as the guarantors of Africa’s development for their own circumstances by taking charge to their own economies and natural resources with the creation of sustainable solutions backed by strong African institutions ...

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