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How I called off a wedding with my ex some years ago after seeing this…

I called off a wedding with my ex some years ago because he took me to visit his parents at Ejigbo. The dude lived in Lekki. Buys drinks for total strangers & spends millions for friends but your mum still ...

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Yahoo Yahoo 2.0: Top 5 warning signs to help you spot the next Tinder Swindler

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Dating Advice: Attitude Some Ladies Portray That Show They Are Only Good For Dating

  1.You eat like glutton on the first date with him, forgetting that he’s intention was to woo you and get serious with youundecided… 2.You visit him for the very first time, before you agreed to come you told him ...

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Dating Advice: 10 Clear Signs That A Campus Guy Only Wants Your Body – EDUREGARD

To the ladies out there, you have to understand that not every guy who makes a romantic approach towards you in the university has good intentions. In fact, a larger percentage just need a side chick, that’s all. In order ...

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dating fails

Top 10 Dating Fails

#1 Where Was His Hand Last Night Next time you go on a date, this little chart can help you. Where he places his hand can tell you a lot. What you do after that may hurt him. Continue reading ...

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Top 10 Things You Must Not Do For The Man You’re Dating

The vast majority of the times when a young lady is dating a fellow, she loses her “mind” she does things which are not proper at the end makes her look shabby and frequently incite the gentleman to dump her. ...

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9 Things Ladies Do That Guys Easily Find COMPLETELY Unattractive

Why not just be yourself or act naturally, ladies? Here’s a mystery about men: we need a lady who’s cool with who she is. What we don’t like is a lady who tries to be who she’s NOT. In any case, ...

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Dating: 2 of Top 4 Tips to make you guys more Likeable

Don’t Hit on Another Guy’s Girlfriend or Wife    

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