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7 Meals That Increase Your Hemoglobin Count

Impacts of increase and decline in Hemoglobin Count At the point when your hemoglobin level drops, it can bring about weariness, weakness, shortness of breath, dazedness, cerebral pains, fair skin, weak nails, fast pulse and poor appetite. On the off chance ...

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Did you know you can cure Ogbe Inu (ulcers ) ?

Did you know you can cure ogbe inu (ulcers )with Ogede agbagba dudu ( unripe plantain). Yoruba people we call ulcer (ogbe inu). Ogede agbagba dudu (unripe plantain ) is traditional effective cure of ulcer. Any body suffering from ogbe ...

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4 Of top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About! (Holy basil)

Holy basil – Drink tea that has been made with heavenly basil and watch how the tumors in your bosoms, contract in a couple of days. A few sorts of diseases can be controlled with the assistance of heavenly basil.

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5 Of top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About!

Garlic – Like it or not, garlic is that one thing that can help you battle with a considerable measure of maladies. From your immune system to the constipation issue that you experience, there is literally nothing that garlic does ...

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3 Of top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About! (Ginger )

Ginger – Another superb herb that develops broadly in distinctive nations, ginger has its own particular advantages. Add some cubes or a part of ground ginger in your tea and notice the lessening in your anxiety levels. The minute you take ...

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2 Of top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About! (Cinnamon)

Cinnamon Well known in the Asian nations, a pinch of cinnamon in milk can help you spare a great deal of cash. It builds your resistant framework and keeps you far from distinctive allopathic prescriptions, which you generally need to ...

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1 Of top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About! (Turmeric )

  Turmeric – In the event that you have joint arthritis, turmeric is the great answer for you. The majority of the common  herbal products  that are made for skin and bone-related issues contain turmeric. The brilliant particles of this ...

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Health & fitness news – Air pollution…cold on a plane

Air pollution takes early toll on children Air pollution can be bad for children — starting even before birth, a new study suggests. Researchers studied exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, a form of pollution caused by burning gasoline, ...

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