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Herbal Cure for Thyroid: Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

This article is dedicated to my amiable humble lovely admin, for job well done olodumare continue to bless you ase, I will not go into complexity of defining thyroid because of space and time, I will address straight two types ...

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Herbal cure for Asthma by Obanifa

Translated by babalawo Pele Obasa Obanifa I used this opportunity to express gratitude for all those who have message and call me in this past few weeks.I am extremely busy that is why you haven’t hear from me. Thanks you ...

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Herbal Cure for Vomiting Of Blood

See Herbal Cure for Vomiting Of Blood (Hematemasis)

This post will give effective herbal remedy to vomiting of blood, which the people in orthodox medicine call hematemasis. Hematemasis simply mean vomiting of blood. It should be noted that some people do make mistakes by confusing coughing of blood ...

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Pics: What Kind Of Skin Disease Is This?

Whenever my brother sweats, he sees this on his underwear!

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Efective Cure for Snake Bite & Scorpion Poison Sting –  by Babalawo Pele obasa Obanifa

This simple herbal remedy can be use to remove snakes and scorpions poison from the body of the victims of snakes bite or scorpions sting. After snake bite or scorpions sting the symptoms that the victims may experience range from ...

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sperm count

Top 5 Foods That Helps In Increasing Sperm Count

Research has demonstrated that 90 percent of Male Fertility issues are as an aftereffect of men’s inability to sufficiently produce sperm. Recent research has additionally demonstrated that 70 percent of all deformations that are found in children are as a ...

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Check out top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About!

There can be literally nothing better than a herb to cure diverse issues in your body. From minor rashes on the skin to extreme stomach pain, there is literally nothing that herbs can’t treat. Everything you need is the learning ...

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Healthy Kidney

Check out top 12 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Kidney !

The kidneys are essential organs which are expected to keep up sound living. As of now, about 1 new case of kidney disappointment is seen day by day in any outpatient center in Nigeria with a few facilities seeing more than ...

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hair loss

4 Amazing Tips to Prevent Hair loss

The human hair adds to the beauty and panache of everyone no matter the gender. Interestingly, it can be styled in different fashionable ways to suit the taste of the individual. However, there are some few people who are battling with ...

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Check out Top 6 Things You Should Know About Having S3xual Intercourse During Your Period

Fans of 50 Shades of Gray will recall the tremendously discussed tampon scene—keeping in mind that specific romp won’t be playing out on the wide screen’s, despite everything it been standing out as truly newsworthy as buzz about the up and ...

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