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British Reporter/Comedian Vexes, Delivers ‘F*cking’ News on Air (VIDEO)  

Being a reporter in Britain in times of information warfare and biased full-on propaganda can be a hard thing for one’s mental health, as one man, identified as Johnathan Pie, showed live on air. The video starts with a reporter standing ...

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White girl sees a guy she likes on social media and says hi 

Guy: may I know a bit about you? Girl: Oh certainly, I am Samantha, I’m 27, I work as a system analyst with Dell, I am single with one adorable daughter. I live at Crown Heights, New York in my ...

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Buhari’s Ministerial Screening Version: See This Funny Cartoon

See this cartoon. What do you think?

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Please What am I?

Yesterday I was paid my monthly salary of 55,000 naira. At the same time my girlfriend called me to tell me she was going out to the beach with her friends and she needed an amount of 55,000 naira. I ...

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How A young Boy Used Me To Play

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Smart Nigerian guy living in Sweden

Nigerian guy living in Sweden smartly married a Swedish lady, so as to be legally certified with resident permit, but the lady was not aware of this. He lied to the lady that he is from Kenya because of the ...

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Patience Jonathan went out for drink with some of the Top Women..

Patience Jonathan went out for drink with some of the Top Women after which the Waiter brings their bill:- • Patience Jonathan. N10,400 • Ngozi Okonjo………. N10,250 • Folasade Bent………N10,450 • Turai Yar’adua……….N10,200 • Total…………………….N41,300 Patience Jonathan says: I will ...

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