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Ifa/Orisa isn’t a joke !!

Ifa/Orisa isn’t a joke–A very powerful energy that must NOT be played with. IT can be the coolest of Water and at the same time can be the hottest of Fire… All practitioners MUST be very careful in dealing with ...

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I woke up like this!

Odua Balogun Kakanfo, the Internet Òrìsà. The only greater gods are my dead ancestors. From Oduduwa to Oranmiyan. Ajaka to Sango. The thunderous enigma in Afin (palace), Kawo Kabiyesi O! And the four hundred and one (401) peripheral Orisa’s that ...

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Olokun: Olokun is the Orisa of the vast and deep sea.

Her rule reaches from the water’s surface to the deepest darkest parts of the ocean. She is nurturing yet mysterious and unknowable at the same time. Olokun is the mother of the orisa Aje and thus it is from Olokun ...

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Is there any Orisa that is specific to waterfalls?

Or does each River Goddess have her own attribute of waterfall ..for example Yemoja or Osun..Oya? Nigeria has many beautiful waterfalls. Would like to know more…

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There are 401 Orisa !

200 on the right and 200 on the left of Olodumare. The 401st being the Ooni of Ile Ife. Has there been a listing of all the Orisa? If not I am wondering if we could try here? Could someone ...

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Ifa university: What is the Yoruba term for Orisa ?

Orisa Possession is a very sacred phenomenon. What is the Yoruba term for it? What do you call a person who the Orisa choose for this occurrence? Can Babalawos possess Orunmila? When is spirit possession necessary? All response welcomed…

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