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Free Speech and Solidarity with Gaza Democracy at Risk

Free Speech and Solidarity with Gaza: Democracy at Risk

The Israeli attack on Rafah that killed 45 Palestinian civilians has ignited global outrage. In France, often hailed as the “Cradle of Human Rights,” the temporary expulsion of a left-wing MP for waving the Palestinian flag in the National Assembly ...

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Back To Work

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Meaning Of “Zero Distance

“Zero Distance” and the genuine embrace of the resistance in all countries resisting its issues demonstrated that the issue is what elevates a person’s humanity, no matter the price they pay, and that a person without a cause cannot be ...

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Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Nebenzya: Are civilians in Ukraine more important than the ones in Palestine?

I want to ask the US representative a question – explain why you are against a ceasefire. Does this mean that the United States, as a permanent member of the Security Council, supports the doctrine of “total retaliation” in Gaza? ...

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Office of the President of Syria: Attack on the Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip

What the Zionist criminal forces carried out in their attack on the Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip constitutes one of the most heinous and bloodiest massacres against humanity in the modern era. The Syrian Arab Republic considers this massacre ...

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Nasrallah: If Lebanon is denied its oil and gas resources, we will shut down all Israeli platforms

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on July 13, 2022, on Biden’s visit to the Middle East and the border dispute between Lebanon and Israel over the Karish maritime gas field. Source: almanar.com.lb Translation: resistancenews.org Transcript: […] Now I come ...

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Gaza – US and the West Supports Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity – Understanding the Never-Ending Conflict

By Peter Koenig for the Saker Blog “I said we would exact a very heavy price from Hamas and other terror groups, and we are doing so and will continue to do so with great force,” Netanyahu said in a fiery ...

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Roger Waters just tweeted a video of an Irish MP speaking the truth to an Israeli ambassador

One of many reasons I love Ireland and its people. LoveR.PS I bet the Israeli Ambassador’s answer was a hoot. So I do. pic.twitter.com/YFXjUsofD4— Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) May 12, 2021

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Dec. 29, 2016, photo, released by the semi-official Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), shows long-range S-200 missile fired in a military drill in the port city of Bushehr, on the northern coast of Persian Gulf, Iran. (Amir Kholousi, ISNA via AP)

Non-Prophylactically Ironic Dome over the Occupied Palestine

By Mansoureh Tajik for the Saker Blog Exactly at 1:20 am (Tehran time) on Thursday, April 22, 2021 a missile hit near Dimona nuclear reactor, the “secret” nuclear site in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The Jerusalem Post headlined the event ...

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Israel, Hamas Agree to Restore Peace in Gaza Strip – Reports

Israel and Hamas have agreed to restore calm in the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for Hamas told Reuters on Saturday. “With Egyptian and United Nations efforts it has been agreed to return to the era of calm between (Israel) and Palestinian factions,” Hamas ...

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