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Meaning Of “Zero Distance

“Zero Distance” and the genuine embrace of the resistance in all countries resisting its issues demonstrated that the issue is what elevates a person’s humanity, no matter the price they pay, and that a person without a cause cannot be free or a fully human being.

“Zero distance” is a new political and military term that entered today’s narrative after it was coined by the blood of brave fighters who did not fear the blame of anyone in God. They defeated, for the first time, an “army” that claimed to be invincible, so it began killing its prisoners to evade negotiations and deals in which the resistance had the upper hand.

“Zero distance” in this sense and the many meanings it implies is not a simple or passing expression at all; It is a zero distance between someone who has been besieged for years and only has a personal weapon with which to confront the bombing of aircraft, tanks, and armored vehicles, and the latest advanced and dirty weapons that have been produced. This is the first time that any party has been able to resist the Zionist “army” for more than seventy days. This is the first time that the Zionist enemy has suffered this scale of losses, and the pillars of its unjust colonialist settler existence have been shaken as a result of the determination of a proud, authentic people to redeem their land, their people, their history, and their heritage with their spirit, and to shake the ground under their feet without them being able to dislodge or displace them.

But this courage, this pride, and this redemption were met by a cowardly enemy supported medially and militarily by the tyrants of the West, with the extermination of children and women and the ethnic cleansing of the authentic people of Palestine, the likes of which history has never witnessed. Stopping this genocide is not the responsibility of the Palestinians who are engaged in an honorable resistance with all their strength, but it is a responsibility. The others, all the others are human beings and in whatever area they happen to be on this earth and in whatever location they are.

It is a human responsibility; Every human being sees that a brute force deprives his fellow human beings of water, food, fuel, and medicine, deprives them of housing and tranquility, and deprives them of the lowest necessities of a decent life. So how can any Arab or non-Arab human being, from any belief or country, accept his humanity with silence, living, and peaceful sleep while he sees what he sees? He hears what he hears and knows what he knows.

The “zero distance” dictates that every human being on this earth who has some degree of human feeling must know that the “zero distance” is between his humanity and the humanity of every Palestinian child, every woman, and every man who died defending not the land of Palestine alone and not the people of Palestine alone, but About the dignity of the human being everywhere and about his right to live freely and dearly on his land, and to defeat the unjust forces that work to rob him of the foundations of his humanity and dignified life.

At this time, and after all that we have witnessed of Palestinian humanitarian valor and resistance in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, “zero distance” has become an obligation and a duty for all the world’s writers, thinkers, actors, and artists to devote their literary, dramatic, artistic, theatrical and cinematic production to supporting the truth in a battle that has transformed the distance between the truth and its advocates. And its true heroes to zero, and any failure to announce the greatest methods and signs of adopting this pioneering resistance that resists in defense of the humanity of every human being on this planet, any failure is a betrayal and an intentional or unintentional bias towards falsehood, the colonizers, the settlers, the Nazis and the racists.

“Zero Distance” exposed all the lies that they had been convincing the world for decades. It has proven that they have no freedom, democracy, or human rights at all and that the presidents of the universities that they brag about in front of the world are subjected to investigation and humiliating interrogation, and then forced to resign from their academic positions because they did not follow like a rabble behind statements prepared in advance by a handful of Nazis attacking us. Human dignity and humanity.

“Zero Distance” exposed them morally and demonstrated that they have no morals at all when they forced detainees to walk semi-naked and present them to the media without the slightest condemnation from the hypocritical Western media. This is a disgraceful moral fall for any person or power in the world that carries out such a despicable and heinous practice. This is in addition to their record of brutal massacres, abuse of prisoners, breaking their bones, and depriving them of the most basic rights of prisoners stipulated in religions, laws, and international laws.

In comparison, the faces of the Israeli prisoners and others of different nationalities who left the resistance fighters were filled with love and affection and their eyes said, “Thank you,” and this can only be seen as a result of decent moral treatment imposed by beliefs and cultural accumulation that money cannot buy nor technology can manufacture. Abusing, torturing, killing, and humiliating prisoners is a common Western heritage from the Middle Ages to today, and the French, Italian, British, and American colonialists torturing and killing prisoners are only recent examples, as happened in Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, and Sprint, and as has been happening for 75 years in the great prison called “Israel.” “Racism.

On the 72nd day of summoning aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, wide-opening the gates of American and European weapons to the usurping entity, and desperately defending in their narratives the lie of “self-defense”, and in the midst of starvation, destruction, shameful extermination and purging of tens of thousands of children, women and civilians, fighters are crawling on the soil they have loved and protected. With it, from a zero distance, their feet and clothes are sanctified by the sanctity of this beautiful soil that they defend with their blood. They crawl, and from a zero distance, they attack the usurpers, aggressors, and occupiers, and liberate the sacred spot that is their land and the land of their fathers and grandfathers.

A bastard foreign aggressor and an intruder on this land, culture, and history cannot understand the psychology of those whose feet feel the tenderness of the dirt on them and on their tender bodies. He cannot understand how these people think, and what is the motive that prompts them to sacrifice themselves and fight all methods of force, treachery, cruelty, and tyranny. Because they have never had a cause and do not know what it means to have a cause!

To have a cause, that is, to be a free human being, proud of your humanity, freedom, dignity, and belonging. To be the owner of a cause committed to it and working to advance it, that is, to be at the highest levels of human transcendence, in contrast to all the thousands of books that the West has produced about the danger of commitment and its disadvantages to individual freedom, and that committed literature cannot be creative, and committed art cannot be universal.

“Zero Distance” and the genuine embrace of resistance in all countries resisting its issues have proven that the issue is what elevates a person’s humanity, no matter the price he pays, and that a person without a cause cannot be free or a fully human being.

The resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen offers a precious gift to humanity: to embrace the cause of liberating the land from the occupiers, to stand by the truth, and to advance their humanity, dignity, and freedom in action, not in word, and to get rid of all the false and counterfeit concepts that the West has used to deceive humanity, and which have become In the waste cemetery after the “Zero Distance” steadfastness.


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