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Russian Military Provides List Of Targets, Details Of ‘repelled’ Us-led Strike

The Russian Defense Ministry says that the Syrian Air Defense Forces shot down 71 of 103 missiles launched by the US, the UK and France last night. According to the Russian Defense Minisry, the US and its allies fired cruise missiles, ...

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Briefing by official representative of Russian Defence Ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov Full Transcript

13.04.2018 (18:00) http://eng.mil.ru/en/news_page/country/more.htm?id=12171238@egNews   The Russian Centre for Reconciliation jointly with the Syrian authorities is completing the large-scale humanitarian operation in the suburbs of Damascus – the Eastern Ghouta. In total, 170,152 people have been evacuated during the operation, including ...

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Syrian civil war

Another stupid f**king war or what could possibly go wrong?

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What price will mankind have to pay for the collapse of the Empire?

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] We are currently living the most dangerous days in human history. You think that this is hyperbole? Think again. We are risking a nuclear Armageddon The first thing to realize is that this ...

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Friendly Fire: Trump’s ‘Missile Tweet’ Hits US Stock Market

The US president’s Twitter threats to rain fire and missiles upon Syria over an alleged chemical weapon attack have apparently ended up doing damage of a different kind on the other side of the Atlantic. US stock market indexes took ...

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Take a look at these headlines aka the writing on the wall (UPDATED!)

UNSC fails to pass 3 resolutions on Syria ‘chem attack’ as Russia calls for restraint Macron says US, UK & France to decide on ‘response’ to alleged Syria chem attack in coming days Europe air traffic control issues alert over ...

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“Get Ready Russia!” Trump Takes to Twitter to Threaten Strike on Syria

Responding to Moscow’s warning to shoot down any missile fired at Syria, US President Donald Trump has addressed Russia via Twitter, warning of “nice and new and smart” missiles coming to the war-torn country. The statement comes in line with ...

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Train of thoughts or a Wachamacole to get sleep

by F.MAN After reading the last articles by the Saker and worrying for some hours about the coming events that might turn into the next and last World War, and I say last because nobody is going to survive it if ...

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AngloZionist options (intermediate report) UPDATED

An AngloZionist attack on Syria appears to be inevitable and imminent.  There is always a chance of a major pushback from some putative mentally sane, realistic and patriotic generals in the Pentagon, but I am not holding my breath (I ...

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So it was the ‘invincible Tsahal’

Okay, now we know: yesterday panic about a US attack on Syria was all about the “invincible Tsahal” making the usual symbolic attack against some “Iranian” forces in Syria.  These guys were so totally macho and cool that they did not even ...

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