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FG Set to Integrate Raw Material Devt into Industrial Revolution Plan

The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, through the Raw Materials Research Development Council (RMRDC), stated their intention to explore and put in effective use Nigeria’s abundant natural resources.

Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Abdu Bulama explained the united states is blessed with abundant natural resources but stressed that there surely is a massive gap in the exploitation and processing of the resources to supply wealth to the citizenry. He added his ministry, through the RMRDC and other agencies beneath the science and technology umbrella, is introducing initiatives directed at utilising the nation’s potential strength to create technological capacities to accelerate industrial growth.

“The overall objective is to encourage the growth and development of resource-based small and medium manufacturing industries and thereby provide jobs, create wealth and reduce significantly the poverty of our people,” Buluma said.

“It is our sincere hope that NIRAM expo will create a lot of engagements that will oil the wheel of SME growth and development in Nigeria, positively change the industrial landscape from import dependence to an industrial sector with high local content to promote Nigerian businesses in the global market. The sector acts as a catalyst to transform the economic structure of industrialised countries. Presently, this sector contributes just a mere 8 per cent to the GDP in Nigeria,” he added.

The massive industrial development recorded recently is a consequence of President Jonathan’s policies and programmes directed at solving the issues of poverty and youth unemployment,

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