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ORI HUUUU !!!!!!

Who is Ori?The inner gulf, a place, where our destiny is created, is a principle that decides about human lives.Ori is the basis of our personality, decides about our good and bad luck, that is why our Ori (the place ...

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E ku Ose Ifa

Aráká-AjagaAràkà-AjagaAdifun Eniyan Ti Mú Iyè Meji Sin ÈdúÈnìyàn Ti O Sin Èdú,Ko Ma Se Iyè MejiAráká-Oku-AjagaAràkà-Oku-Ajaga 🙏🏼Ase Tedumare🙏🏼 🐉Ifabukky Care🐲

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What Ifa Says

Ifa said that:-No matter how quiet you are, No matter how easy going you are,No matter the level of your gentility,You will still have enemies.But Olodumare has given us victory over the enemies. The stubborn among them that refused to repent ...

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Àkòrò ní ìgbín fà gungi Ìgbín kò lọ́wọ́ Ìgbín kò lẹ́ṣẹ̀ Àkòrò ní ìgbín fà gungi Mo sé ní ìwúre fún èmi àti ẹ̀yin ní ojúmọ́ tòní wípé Olódùmarè yoo tì wá lẹ́yìn, ìgbìnyànjú wa láti gun òkè ọlà, kò ní já sófo

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Ìsèse Holiday (August 20th)

At Oyo state house of assembly complex, Ibadan. The day ìsèse(august 20th) holiday was passed by the members of the house of assembly.

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Nike Davies

Yemọja: Nike Davies Okundaye is an Orisa

Is it time to pronounce Oyenike an òrìṣà, at the level of Yemọja, Ọ̀ṣun and Mọ́remí, at the level of Ogun Sango and Obatala? Nowadays, when we mention the word òrìṣà, people immediately think of it only in terms of ...

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I was The ‘Chief Priest’ Of BlackAxe At UNILORIN – Accused Rapist, COZA Pastor, Fatoyinbo Says (Video)

The accused rapist COZA Pastor made it clear in a video that he was ‘BlackAxe Chief Priest’. Take note that this does not mean Ifa chief priest neither does it mean Islamic chief priest (Imam) nor Catholic chief priest. Here ...

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orisa books

Ifa/Orisa books

Ifa/Orisa books at affordable prices (still in stock) Order for yours now!!!! 1. Ifa: Ohun Enu Olodumare Ifa: God’s Sacred Message to Mankind 2. Ifa: Ohun Ijinle Aye Ifa: Philosophy of Life 3. Egbe: The sacred tie that binds 4. ...

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Oriki orisa

Oríkì Òrìsà

Oríkì Òrìsà is very important in Yoruba. It is the Oríkì that enables us to understand the characteristics and ways of Òrìsà. Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo

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Iwure Toni: Orí Ma Jẹ Kí Ire Tí Moní Kó Pẹ̀dí ..

Ifá ma jẹ kí ire tí moní kó pẹ̀díOrí ma jẹ kí ire tí moní kó pẹ̀díOlú ọ̀run ma jẹ kí ire tí moní kó pẹ̀díNítorí ata wẹẹrẹ kín pẹ̀ dí nínú ọbẹ̀ ata wẹẹrẹ Mo sé ní iwure fún ...

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