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Feeling lonely does not mean that you are alone

It just means that you have others around you that do not share the same emotions. Loneliness can be felt even if you have people around you. It is the emotional loneliness that makes you sad. But now you have ...

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fake pastor

Zambia-based prophet & his brother, dragged to court for having s3x with a minor

Prophet Andrew Ejimadu, 39, of Christ Freedom Ministries and Cleopas Ejimadu, 21, were captured for sexually abusing an adolescent in Lusaka. Police Deputy Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, said the twosome were asserted to have conferred the offense between January 28, 2015 ...

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african traditional religion symbol

Truth exposed – Galatians 4:21-31, the story of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael

If you’re a graduate of history and you’re unable to read between the lines and separate historical myth from historical authenticity, then you need to humble yourself and unlearn and relearn what you’ve previously learned. Again, in the Judeo-Christian original, ...

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IFA and its opposite principles – what my teacher taught me

My teacher (peace be upon him) not only encouraged me to study IFA and its opposite principles, he also encouraged me to study the opposite principle of MAAT and the Memphite Theology – “you don’t know anything about epistemology and ...

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saudi arabia

Some historical facts about the Arabian peninsula

Put your Quran down for a minute, let me share with you First off, the entire land mass of the Arabian peninsula was originally occupied by the Africans. The pre-Islamic Arabian culture emerged from the South of Arabia, present day ...

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cele tabi musulumi

Ejowo ebami wo aworan yi dada se Cele ni abi Cele musulumi

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Oluwo Solagbade Popoola

Today’s Sunday Service – Sermon by Oluwo Solagbade Popoola

Odu Ifa: Irosun Irete and Ogunda Meji. Lesson: today’s lesson is talking about why do some people’s prayer are answered and some people’s prayer are not answered. The reason why some people’s prayer are not answered are divided into four ...

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WHAT IS IFA? - A lecture by Prof Odeyemi.

WHAT IS IFA? – A lecture by Prof Odeyemi.

WHAT IS IFA? – A lecture by Prof Odeyemi. With due respect to the practitioners of “African Religion”, I wish to state that, until now, writers and even thinkers have tended to overlook a fundamentally important aspect of the religion, ...

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Lakinni Ajakinni Ajinni…

Lakinni Ajakinni Ajinni, Oba ma pe mo pe o loruko, nigbati oju pon Alara, Alara pe o loruko, odi eni ajiki. Lakinni Ajakinni Ajinni, Oba ma pe mo pe o loruko, nigbati oju pon Ajero, Ajero pe o loruko, odi ...

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ifa dida

Ose Ifa – Message from Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria.

At today’s Ose Ifa, let us request from Orunmila adequate protection for ourselves, children, families, friends (well wishers) from undesirable souls who derive pleasure from killing fellow human beings. We should insist that we have nobody else to save us ...

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