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Call for submission for papers for 3 books.

If you are initiated into an African Spiritual Tradition and you enjoy writing or have a desire to write, here is a call for submission for papers for 3 books.
1. Elders in the Ifa Orisha Tradition that have left a legacy
2. Olorishas and their experiences or work with Orisha/ Irunmole
3. The Spirit of Africa for initiated priests in living African spiritual traditions such as Akan, Dagara, Ifa, Vodou Fa, Afa, Igbo/ Odinani, Kikongo, Zulu, etc.

Submission inquires should be sent to themaatgroup@gmail.com with the subject line Spirit of Africa book. Deadline for inquiry is June 4, 2016. Full submissions will be due August 1.

Once submitted, it will be reviewed and details about the submission process will be sent.

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