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“I Dare You To Attack Nigeria” – Angry Nigerian Tells Donald Trump On Twitter

Amidst the recent happenings between Iran and USA, people all over the world are making their contributions on twitter as to whether WWIII should begin or not.

Recently, U.S President, Donald Trump took to twitter to warn Iran of his plan to test their Military Equipments on them should they try to attack any U.S citizen or an American base. Boasting on tweeter He said:

” The United States just spent two trillion dollars on military equipments. We are the biggest and by far the BEST in the world! If Iran attacks an American base or any American, we will be spending some of that brand new equipment their way… and without hesitation.”

Then a Nigerian, expressing his infuriation and trust in his dearly beloved country’s military power, took to twitter to reply the President’s tweet saying:

” I swear down, I dare you to try this rubbish you are doing with Iran with my dearest country Nigeria. Then you will see the stuff the giant of Africa is made of”

Hilariously, a more peaceable and level-headed citizen of the country decided to plead with the president on behalf his exasperated brother saying:

“Oga, stop this nonsense o, please Trump don’t listen to him”.

See tweet below

How hilarious and dramatic.

Do you think Nigeria is up to the task as he boasted?

Drop your comments on twitter, let’s discuss

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