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The Alaafin(s) of Oyo: Iku baba yeye alase keji Orisa.

1357 Oluaso
1471 Portugal 1st contact with Yoruba cities
1472 Eko is named LAGOS by the Portuguese
1530 – 1542 Onigbogi
1512 Ofinran – Saki was found
1534 Egungun Oju – Igboho was found
Nupe occupied Oyo- Ile
1554 Orompoto
1562 Ajiboye
1570 Abipa – Oyo-Ile rebuilt
1588 Obalokun – salt (Sodium Cloride)
introduced in domestic use into Yoruba Land Alaafin set envoys to court in Portugal
1600 Aja
1658 Odarawu
1660 Karan
1665 Jayin – 1 st Awujale of Ijebu appointed
1676 Ayibi – Oyo spanned 150.00 km2
1690 Osiyago – 1728 Oyo stats invade Dahomey
1732 Gberu
1738 Amuniwaye
1742 Onisile – 1748 subjugating the Dahomey
1750 Labisi – spent in the throne only 15 days committed suicide because of Basorun Gaha
1750 Awonbioju – spent 130 days in the throne
1750 Agboluaje – 1754 stars decline in the Empire with intrigues of Basorun Gaha
1772 Majeogbe
1774-1789 Abiodun
1789-1796 Awole
1796-1797 Adebo
1797-1798 Maku
1801-1827 Majeotu – Fulani seized Ilorin + 1823 Dahomey revolt
1827-1834 Amodo
1834-1837 Oluewu – 1835 Empire collapse, razed by the Fulani Jihad

Are-Ona Kakanfo Afonja , master of Illorin, invited a Fulani scholar of Islam called Alim al Salih into his ranks. He hoped to secure the support of Yoruba Muslims and volunteers from the Hausa-Fulani north in keeping Ilorin independent, but no succeed and Oyo collapse.

1838-1858 Atiba Atobatele– 1838 Ago d’Oyo – New Oyo founded

The center of Yoruba power moved to Ibadan , a Yoruba war camp settled by Oyo commanders in 1830.

1859-1875 Adelu agunloye – 1857 Britain abolish slavery

1864 Alaafin stopped Batedo War in the name of Sango between Ijebu + Egbas

1876-1905 Adeyemi I

1888 Oyo became a protectorate of Great Britain

1905-1911 Agogo Ija Amubieya Lawani
1911-1944 Ladigbolu I

1914 Amalgation Frederik Lugard united north and south as colony + Protectorate Nigeria
The name Nigeria was taken from the Niger River . Given by Flora Shaw who later married Lugard

1945-1954 Adeyemi II
1956-1968 Ladigbolu II
1971 Adeyemi III


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  1. The history of our forefathers can not be forgotten

  2. Good job. I can now see d important of Facebook & internet in general. This is educative especially for the youths of now a days. I love this pls keep it up.

  3. This historical pc is a good one,please keep it up. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for d historical date and time God bless u

  5. Thank for this educative piece of history that tell about yorubas.i am proudly yoruba.

  6. Well done sir.
    Please, who of these Obas had Akee as his daughter?

  7. Great historical knowledge, kudos

  8. no wonder bashorun gaha is very popular…….tank u 4 letting me dat…

  9. History of our lives and origin must remember, thanks for this short and touching history of our land.

  10. Long live d Alaafin of Oyo!!!

  11. what a wonderful history 2 knw,kip postin

  12. This is Educative and what to learn of thank very much sir .

  13. pls keep it going,I love to know more about other tribes like the Hausas and Igbos

  14. Is a nice story but in the list of the king that have rule in oyo kingdom you did not put alafin Ajagbo


  16. Yoruba is nice race, God bless the Yoruba’s.

  17. Thanks, good one for all. So Portuguese influence was for their gains to divide them. Thanks again.

  18. Tnx alot. U made my day wit dis history,buh where do u see dis history,frm ur dad or grand dad or great grand dad? Or u jam a history book in ur dad’s room

  19. Omo Oyo Alafin Omo Atiba Dat Is D Store

  20. This history show all the Igbo that we the oduduwa are the Nigeria that is why we decide who to rule

  21. The history must count,we make decision to them who s to be ruling

  22. Please,i will like to copy you. I’m a research student in Cyprus from Lagos. Thanks. It’s highly educative,informative&millosetic.

  23. This history show all the Igbo that we the oduduwa are the Nigeria that is why we decide who to rule

  24. The history must count,we make decision to them who s to be ruling


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