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odu ifa

Odu, “Òtùá Yèpín (Òtúá yèkú)”- cast for today’s Ose Ifa

Looking at the Odu, “Òtùá Yèpín(Òtúá yèkú)” cast for today’s Ose Ifa, what else can we ask from Elérìí Ìpín, Witness to Destiny, if not favourable destiny. Just listen to the stanza Òtúá yèpín wóò adé l’abá l’óríAdífá fún Òtúá ...

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odu ogunda

Odu, “Ogunda tua”, cast for yesterday’s Ose Ifa

Looking at the Odu, “Ogunda tua”, cast for today’s Ose Ifa, I can boldly say that we are all “Aborisa”( worshippers of Orisa). Just Iisten:- Ìyere àràmùAdífá fún won nílùú ÀpekusinbaWon ò mo Òòsà tí won ó moo bo ni ...

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Odù Ifá Mímọ́ Ọ̀bàrà Bubu

Ekáàrọ̀ọ́ ẹ̀yin ènìyàn mi, aojiire bi? Oni a sanwa o, ao rí tiwa se loni, gẹ́gẹ́bí òní ṣe jẹ ọjọ́ àíkú, gbogbo wa koni kánjú ku lágbára Olodùmarè àṣẹ.E jékí a fi odù ifá mímọ́ ọ̀bàrà bubu yi ṣe ìwúre ...

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odu Osa Ogbe

Odu Ifa Osa Ogbe

ABORU ABOYE Happy Ose Ifa This is Odu ifa is called Osa Ogbe ( Osa Esu , Osalulufunogbe , Osajagbelaya ) (1) Osa ja gbe laya ara ni Ba’le ile Kankan aki duro goloto ka ki baba eni aki duro ...

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Odu, Otua rete

Looking at Odu, Otua rete cast for today’s Ose Ifa, I conclude that fulfilling the obligation is necessary as a way of thanksgiving. Just listen to the sacred message from the Odu as follows:- Alayonbere abiru gbooro Adifa fun Modupeola ...

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Ogbe Ika

Ogbe Ika: The importance of non-verbal language.

II I I I II I II I Ogbe Ika indicates Ofo Ase expressed externally like light and focused behavior. To state Ogbe Ika is related to the inner Ofo Ase means to explore the fantastic world of unconscious language, ...

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Ifa – (16 Odu)

Ejiogbe 1 Ifa warn us to be truthful at all time. Be truthful, upright and honest. you may not be rich or have material things like others but you must be truthful and will not end up in disarray. Oyeku ...

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Odu Ifa Owonrin Meji

Owonrin Meji: Cast for Ose Ifa

Sometimes your gentility is taken for stupidity but you should ignore them as revealed in the Odu, “Owonrin Meji”, cast for Ose Ifa today. O gba mi leti mi o gba o san O se mi ni’gbo mi o fo’hun ...

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256 odu ifa Signatures © Ifa University Photo/Moyo Okediji

Is there a “complete” written copy of the Odu Ifa ?

People often ask me if there is a “complete” written copy of the Odu Ifa. However, within the Odu Ifa it explains that there is no babalawo who knows all of the Odu Ifa because the pages in the Odu ...

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256 odu ifa Signatures © Ifa University Photo/Moyo Okediji

Odu Ifa – Òfún Òdí

“Most of the time, our problems comes from within sometimes due to lack of cooperation or probably the absence of true love, this is what gives outside force ways to penetrate. Like the Yorùbá people use to say that: B’íkú ...

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