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Oodua Ifa Chief priests

Oodua priests of ifa are known as babalawo (fathers of secrets). Trained from their youth in the rituals of divination, they are masters of a vast corpus of oral literature known as ese ifa often referred to as containing the ...

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kini oruko kokoro yii

Gege bi Omo Oodua Rere, Nje E Mo Oruko ti won pe kokoro yi ?

Kini Oruko ti won pe kokoro ti o wa ninu aworan oke yii ?

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Awa Omo Oudua Rere: E Da Epa Owe Kan To Ba Oro Aja Lo

Owe Yoruba

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Òṣèré wo ni ẹ fẹ́ràn jù nínú àwọn àgbà osere meji yi?

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Omo Oodua Rere Rocked A Dress Made With Newspapers print (hit Or Miss)

..The dress is also made by a nairalander,pictures bellow See more photos after the page break

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