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Defense Minister Shoigu interviewed about the recent military maneuvers

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Russia blames Israel for the shooting down of her EW aircraft (UPDATED 2x)

It is pretty clear what took place yesterday night.  Even if you don’t read Russian, the following chart released by the Russian Ministry of Defense says it all: Basically, 4 Israeli aircraft were sent on a bombing mission against targets ...

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Nebenzya Weighs

UK’s Political Culture is a Disgrace: Russian UNSC Rep Nebenzya Weighs in on Collapse of Standards

(this was recorded on the 12th, just before the interview of the two accused by RT)

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ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE: RAF Support For Syrian Troops, If Western Coalition Attacks

The Russian Aerospace Force will support Syrian troops if the Western coalition decides to launch attacks against Syria due to the provocation of the “chemical attacks” in Idlib province, according to Russian Senate International Committee member Oleg Morozov. Earlier, the ...

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The alter ego wars

by Denis A. Conroy The British Press is big on righteous indignation. Its wallows in selective grief whenever Russia is accused of dirty dancing. It uses single issues reportage selectively, to obfuscate its modus operandi. The subject of the unpleasant ...

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Russia’s Asymmetric Response to the US in Syria

By Aleksandr Khaldey Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard cross posted with http://www.stalkerzone.org/aleksandr-khaldey-russias-asymmetric-response-to-the-us-in-syria/ source: http://www.iarex.ru/articles/59803.html In the war between Russia and the Anglo-Saxons all the tricks of our enemies happen because of a certain political course that, under Vladimir Putin, is ...

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First in modern history Russian naval exercises in the Mediterranean sea


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Who Is Instigating Hot War Between NATO And Russia?

Over the past few months NATO member states have sharply increased their pressure on Russia. The Euro-Atlantic establishment is strengthening the image of Russia as a fierce enemy. It is very useful to have such a foe to justify your ...

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israel aggression

Israel Bombs Damascus, in preparation for U.S Strikes

Израиль бомбит Дамаск, значит идёт подготовка к ударам СШАpic.twitter.com/HWENiCJWrr — Кремлёвская (@KremlinLana) September 1, 2018 Repeated blasts were heard from the direction of Syria’s Mazzeh Military airbase near Damascus on Sunday, Reuters reported. According to a source in the Syrian ...

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The Russian destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov

August 31, 2018: Russian Navy To Hold Large Drills Near Syria

The Russian Navy will hold drills in the Mediterranean Sea, near Syria, in the period from September 1 to September 8, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on August 30. The drills will involve 25 warships led by the Marshal Ustinov ...

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