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Events Like These Only Happen Once Every Century (Sergey Glazyev)

Source: Business Online Magazine – Events Like These Only Happen Once Every Century March 27, 2022 Translated by Leo. Bolds and italics used for emphasise. “Events like these only happen once every century”: Sergei Glazyev on the breaking of an epoch and the change ...

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‘Rublegas:’ the world’s new resource-based reserve currency

Rublegas is the commodity currency du jour and it isn’t nearly as complicated as NATO pretends. If Europe wants gas, all it needs to do is send its Euros to a Russian account inside Russia. By Pepe Escobar, posted with ...

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Russian SMO in the Ukraine – Day 34

Lot’s of good stuff to share with you today.  So let’s begin First, the misunderstandings resulting from an absolutely terrible public information policy explaining the reality of what is being negotiated between the Ukraine and Russia has resulted in a ...

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General Sergei Rudskoy and Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev

Two more briefings: Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy and Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev

https://telegra.ph/Speech-of-the-Head-of-the-Main-Operational-Directorate-of-the-General-Staff-of-the-Armed-Forces-of-the-Russian-Federation-on-the-03-25 March 25, 2022 Speech of the Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy (This should be read with the previous statements of this morning:  http://thesaker.is/briefing-by-the-russian-ministry-of-defence-on-the-current-results-of-the-special-military-operation-in-ukraine/ In ...

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One month into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine

The Beast woke up in pitch darknessAnd the price was named to God.Everybody has caved in – even our brothers in Christ,Everything has caved in – but not my country.(translated lyrics from the song “Donbass is with us”) First, the ...

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Gonzalo Lira’s latest streams from Kharkov

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Ukraine’s propaganda war: On international PR firms, DC lobbyists and CIA cutouts

Since the Russian offensive inside Ukraine commenced on February 24, the Ukrainian military has cultivated the image of a plucky little army standing up to the Russian Goliath. To bolster the perception of Ukrainian military mettle, Kiev has churned out ...

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Poland expels 45 Russian diplomats accusing them of espionage

Deutsche WelleWed, 23 Mar 2022 13:18 UTC Tensions between Poland and Russia have been running high since Moscow began its “invasion” of Ukraine last month. Poland said it had expelled 45 Russian diplomats on Wednesday for engaging in espionage in ...

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russia hypersonic missile

Briefings by Russian Defence Ministry

https://t.me/mod_russia_en/313 ◽️ Units of the Russian Armed Forces advanced another 4 kilometers overnight and completely took control of Sladkoe. Currently, scattered groups of the nationalist battalion “Donbass” are being destroyed. ◽️ The grouping of troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic ...

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hypersonic Kinzhal-Dagger

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry (is that a Kinzhal -“Dagger” flying?)

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry ▫️The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to conduct the special military operation. ▫️On March 18, Kinzhal aviation missile system with hypersonic ballistic missiles destroyed a large underground storage facility for missiles and aviation ...

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