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Check out 20 Signs To Know When Someone Is telling lies !

Have you ever thought about whether you’re being deceived? All things considered, fortunately there are a few courses in which you can know when this is going on. These are signs that you’ll need to search for when you’re attempting ...

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1 of 20 Signs To spot When Someone Is telling lies !

1) Touching Their Face A Lot As indicated by a Dr, individuals have a tendency to touch their face, particularly their nose, a ton when they’re lying.   2) Having A Fake Smile Do you know the difference between a ...

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3 of 20 Signs To spot When Someone Is telling lies !

3)Giving A Half Shrug At whatever point somebody is deceiving you, they’ll give you a half shrug. This is unique in relation to a true shrug that includes your entire body. A half-shrug is a little, forced movement.   4)Shuffling ...

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5 of 20 Signs To spot When Someone Is telling lies !

5) Making Abrupt Head Movements When you are asking a question  and their head all of a sudden yanks back, bows down, or tilts to the other side, then you realize that they’re lying to you 6) Hard Eye Contact ...

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7 of 20 Signs To spot When Someone Is telling lies ! (Pointing)

7)Too Much Pointing 8) Excessive Sweating

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Ife is the ancestral home of the Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria. This is where they believe creation took place and tradition of kingship began. Ife artisans produced some of the finest artwork West Africa. The most well-known aspect of ...

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Action Yoruba Film: Ina Loju Ekun 1&2 – Okaran 1&2

Once upon a time in the village of Elerin lives a notorious armed robber called Okanran. Okanran grows from being an armed robber to a terrorist. In the neighbouring village lives a warrior called Ina Loju Ekun. Both men dare ...

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Moki gbogbowa wipe aku ewu osu titun ti o wọle de wẹrẹ waba waa !

Mogbaladura wipe ogun aṣeti koni je tiwa ninu osu na,eni na tuni ọjọ (ẹtì) ti wonpeni (friday)…olodumare koni je ki akoju ogun aṣeti nile aye emi ati iwọ… Ẹni tikole tele,ẹniti wa ọmọ latibi,ẹni fe aṣerori lori adawole ẹ,ẹni todawọ ...

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Otito lawo aiye, iro lagbele ro !

Owonrin omo ase’ka bi eni ti soo’to, Otito ba le di odo, ika bale di yangi, difa fun owonrin lojo tofe lo ya apo ika, E je kase otito, ka ya apo ika danu, Oore lope, ika koye omo Eniyan- ...

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Pics From “May Day” Celebration In Lagos State Featuring Governor Fashola

Many workers in Lagos state, May 1, 2015, assembled at the Onikan stadium in Lagos Island with the State Governor Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola for the festival of the current year’s Workers’ Day. The Governor, who tended to the workers, ...

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