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Syrian War Report – January 19, 2017: Govt Forces Advancing On Multiple Fronts


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assad must go fail

“Assad must go!” – fail :-)

The excellent Colonel Cassad posted this hilarious picture yesterday and added “in Spring we will add Hollande to this list” 🙂

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Id*ots react to Trump’s inauguration

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Russian Military Police in Aleppo, Syria (very interesting video with English subs)

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ikin ifa

Orunmila soro nipa ikin ifa !

Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o a sin ku isimi opin ose, bi a se nwonu aye loni ako ni pare maye lara o ase. Laaro yi mo fe fi akoko yi fesi si ibeere awon ...

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Head Wrap !

See more photos bellow !

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ile ori

Ilé Orí: House of the Head Shrine – Equestrian

House of the Head Shrine: Equestrian (Ile Ori) Artist: Workshop of Adesina Date: 19th–20th century Geography: Nigeria, Efon-Alaiye Culture: Yoruba peoples, Ekiti group Medium: Cloth, glass beads, cowrie shells, leather, mirrors Dimensions: H. 29 x W. 9 3/8 x D. ...

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Eleri Ipin is a frequent traveller to foreign lands? listen to this from Ose!

How I wish I can speak many languages like Orunmila instead of relying on interpreters who would add one or two things to suit themselves especially when visiting Brazil and Venezuela. If you doubt that Eleri Ipin is a frequent ...

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Rocket Fired at Istanbul Police Department Building but Misses It

A rocket was fired at Istanbul Police Department building but missed it, Reuters reported. The rockets didn’t hit the building as they only reached the outer garden wall around it. There were no casualties, NTV news channel reported. Following the ...

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Donald Trump’s Inauguration: Swearing-in Ceremony of the 45th US President

President-elect Donald Trump has been sworn in during an official ceremony on the Capitol’s West Front in Washington, D.C. In his first-ever speech as the President of the United States, Donald Trump said he will rebuild the country, determine the ...

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