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odu Osa Ogbe

Odu Ifa Osa Ogbe

ABORU ABOYE Happy Ose Ifa This is Odu ifa is called Osa Ogbe ( Osa Esu , Osalulufunogbe , Osajagbelaya ) (1) Osa ja gbe laya ara ni Ba’le ile Kankan aki duro goloto ka ki baba eni aki duro ...

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Ademola Adeleke

Supreme Court rules on Adeleke’s application

The Supreme Court has validated the judgement of the Court of Appeal which earlier struck out a motion challenging the educational qualifications of Osun State politician, Ademola Adeleke. The court in a decision on Thursday agreed with an earlier ruling ...

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FG, roll out new salary table

Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari directed the implementation of the newly approved minimum wage  of N30,000 to all federal government workers who earn below the amount.  But the announcement, rather than elicit joy, dampened the spirit of workers across the ...

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How to apply for Dubai visa without going through any agency

Zenith Bank has introduced a new feature on its internet banking platform that allows customers to apply for Dubai visa and make the associated visa fee payment effortlessly. The bank said in Lagos on Sunday that the new offering was ...

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Top 7 Reasons To Stop Eating Ponmo!

Roasted animal skin, otherwise known as ponmo, is among the favourite meat parts that Nigerians like to eat. However, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control warns most people to be cautious of the consumption of ponmo! The Lagos ...

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How Was Your Night ?

I TRULY DON’T ANSWER THIS!! Do you know that asking a person “How was your night?” is wrong?Well, if you didn’t know it until today, get to know with the help of Edward E Onoriode who shared the update on ...

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Eríwo Yà! Eríwo Yà!! Eríwo Yà!!!

Ṣí Gbogbo Babaláwo àti Oníṣẹ̀ṣe lápapọ̀, Ní òní yìí (ọjọ́ kẹẹ̀ẹ́dọ́gbọ̀n, oṣù kejèe 2019) ni ìgbẹ́jọ́ tó bẹ̀rẹ̀ ní ìtàdògún tó kọjá lọ (Tuesday, 9th of July 2019) parí (tí ìdájọ́ sì wáyé pẹ̀lú) lórí ẹ̀sùn oyún síṣẹ́ fún ọ̀dọ́mọbìnrin tó ...

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Má Jẹ Àkàrà Ọ̀ràn Sími Lọ́rùn

Aruku madẹgbẹ má jẹ àkàrà ọ̀ràn sími lọ́rùnAruku madẹgbẹ Mo sé ní ìwúre fún orí kọ̀ọ̀kan wa ní òwúrọ̀ tòní wípé àlejò ọ̀ràn tó ma kóbá èmi àti ẹ̀yin kò ní bá wa ní àlejò ooo

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Araba of Oworonsoki celebrates Professor Wande Abimbola’s Birthday – Photos

Araba Agboola Awodiran of Oworonsoki took to social media to celebrate legendary Professor Wande Abimbola, he shared the photos bellow and captioned it with-=-= “I must celebrate a great man who found time out of his busy schedules to attend ...

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Dogo Isuwa: Middle Belt No Longer Part Of North – MBF Leader

Northern leaders have been urged to stop referring to Middle Belt people as Northerners. National Publicity Secretary, Middle Belt Leaders Forum, Dr. Dogo Isuwa who gave the warning also asked former President Obasanjo not to relent in writing letters to ...

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