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10 Things You Must Know About Ìtefá

IFÁ initiation or ÌTEFÁ is a way of founding solution to life problems, it’s also a means of rebranding of bad destiny because it foresee what we were destined to do on the earth, also the best way to discover who really is yourself, how you must live your life, what you should be doing and what you must not engage yourself into that affects/affecting your life in one way or the other all shall be mention during the ÌTEFÁ.

(1) IFÁ initiation /ÌTEFÁ is not a day work, it can not finish in a day. (3)days, (7)days, (17)days or more
(2) IFÁ initiation /ÌTEFÁ is not one man work, it will comprises group of vibrant Babaláwo
(3) IFÁ initiation /is NOT money ritual or killing of human being/human parts
(4) IFÁ initiation /ÌTEFÁ is NOT a secret cult or group
(5)Your IKIN IFÁ must be more than (16). No matter how

(6) The first ODÙ IFÁ that appears during ifá consultation at Igbódù/Ogbó ifá is your ODÙ IFÁ to embrace
(7) There must be given TABOO from the appeared ODÙ IFÁ at Igbódù and the TABOO Must at least (3) or more.
(😎 You MUST NOT abandon the IFÁ after the initiation/ÌTEFÁ, I.e. you must consult, make sacrifices, appease, feed and offering to IFÁ regular for QUICK response to your prayers
(9) You MUST always obey and care more about your OLÚWO, He is your spiritual guidance
(10) All the TABOO and WARNINGS must always be obey, in other to see the good and quick results after initiation/ ÌTEFÁ.

May ÒRÚNMÌLÀ answer to our inner prayers
Àse Àjàgùnmàlè.
For more information or questions,
INBOX ME. Ire ooo

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