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odu ifa

Quote of the day by Omo Oba

Understanding one’s culture is the beginning of wisdom.

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yoruba kids

Yoruba Ronu, this is Worth Pondering

If you tell Oduduwa that his descendants are now mingling with other nationalities, he would say; I didn’t risk descending from heaven to achieve that If you tell Oranmiyan that Oyo is now a mere state and has no autonomy ...

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Stop pimping Oduduwa heritage – Omo Oba

Oduduwa hegemony must be retained. We are not slaves to any of the colonial thugs that invaded our land and took our civility for weakness. Enough is enough. Yoruba need to be freed from the assaults of Arabs and Europeans.

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woman leader speak

Photos from ‎Ifa‬ Documentary‬

Once the roots of a tree begin to die, the leaves whither away. That’s is why, when our principles as a team/ organisation die, our dreams wallow in oblivion. If you hold your fingernail close to your eye it can ...

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Esu in Yoruba IFA

More about Esu #EsuIsNotSatan

Esu is the essential Irunmole that carries our sacrifice and prayers to Olodumare. We pray that Esu never fights with us nor does he close the doors to our successful things. Iba Esu Yangi, Esu Lalu, Esu Odara, Esu Legba, ...

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Abua people in nigeria

About Abua People in Nigeria

Abua is a Kingdom in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is located 10 miles from Port Harcourt. MAP OF ABUA Alternate Names – Abuan Population – 25,000 (Faraclas 1989). Location – Rivers state: Degema and Ahoada LGAs. Language Status –  6a (Vigorous). Classification – Niger-Congo, ...

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