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As a kid, I would follow the Egungun ensembles – Ifa Dare

Of all the traditional Yoruba festivals, Egungun (I.e. Masquerade) festival was undoubtedly my favorite. As a kid, I would follow the Egungun ensembles from their respective compounds to the King’s palace. My favorite Egungun, by far, was Andu (image not ...

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fake oluwo

Shocking – How did AbdulRasheed Akanbi become an Oba?

“The suffering confronting Nigerians was as a result of idol worshipping allegedly practised by many monarchs in the country. The President of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari should invite all monarchs in the country to a meeting and urge them to ...

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Sacred Symbols Of The Òrìşà In The Spiritual World

The Teaching given to us here by BABA Odùdúwà is SUPER KEY, it tells us that there is No sentimentality in the Spiritual world, which is peaceful place, which is an infinite space full of SYMBOLS OF POWER (Magic Seals ...

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Baba Araba Agbaye

Oloye: Awoyemi Aworeni Adisa Mokanranwale Olu-Isese Orunmila Ile-Ife Oshun State Nigeria

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ogun lakaye

OGUN: Orisa Of Iron.. must read

http://yagbeonilu.com/ Oya – OgunOgun, as historical figure, a fearsome and bloodthirsty warrior who fought constantly against kingdoms. He always brought his expeditions rich booty and a considerable number of slaves.  Oniiré king of Iré but for reasons unknown to us, ...

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Aboruboye Baba Araba Gbamugbamu!

Ekaaro Aboru Aboye, olodumare, ati orunmila i gbe wa, ase…… Good morning, may the blessing of Eledumare  and Orunmila hits us all, so be it.   Ekaaro aboru,aboye,olodumare ati orunmila yo gbe wa ,ase……Buenos días que la bendición de dios ...

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Caption This Beautiful Photo

Photo Credit – Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode

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Babalawo Ifakayode Ajani

Photo Of The Day –

Wow, this means blessed Cc – Babalawo Ifakayode Ajani

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After Itefa, What’s Next?

Itefa is a ceremony which is experienced by those called upon to service their community via the agency and charge of the title; “Babalawo”. However; a Babalawo Itefa does not make you, any more than 4 years of medical school ...

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The ÉGÚN & ÉGÚNGÚN TRADITION in BABA ODÚDÙWÁ’S Lineage, & About the Ota of Égún

This teaching was given on March 28, 2009, in Mexico. Baba Odùdúwà is giving the Égún Initiation from his Lineage, which is something very special, to people who gets initiated receives the two Égún Magical Mirrors, the Égún cloth (AŞO ...

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