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Ogun Lakaaye – Ogun yeeeeeeeeee

Ogun,the brave orisha that work in the day and night . Ogun is the orisha that is well-known for his power of creativity. The gods of hunters, woodcarvers, blacksmiths, barbers, mechanics, medicine men and much more. Ogun is the Orisa ...

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Adire. Photo credit: Olaniyan Ishola Olushola

Check out Where The Adire Heritage Festival Is Launching Next

Adire Heritage Festival is on a Whistle Stop Tour of the world! See where it is taking place next after the up and coming sixth August 2016 occasion to be held in London .   Adire, our Yoruba indigo colored ...

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oodua image awards

Save the date!!! Oodua image awards 2016 live in houston texas

Save the date Oodua image awards 2016 is coming up on october 28th and 29th 2016 live in houston texas usa.

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Idanre Hills ile ife

Top 3 places to visit – Idanre, Mare and Agbogun

Destination: Idanre   If you love or fancy hilly or scenic landscape, then Idanre town in Ondo state, Southwest Nigeria is the place to visit. Idanre is a local government and it covers an area of 1,914 km2 with a population ...

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Yoruba Festival

Yoruba 101 – must read

There is no VAGUE word in Yoruba language— Study the language and endeavor to know more about yourself and how great your lineage is Adeyinka Grandson explains: DID YOU KNOW THAT: OSOGBO was coined out of ‘Oso Igbo’, meaning wizard ...

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south african flag

Lessons From South Africa on Native Languages

This piece draws on my firsthand experience of South Africa’s native languages and how it can serve to inspire other African countries struggling with a decline in their native languages.   During my recent trip to South Africa, I visited ...

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More on Yoruba history is on the newly launched website: yorupedia

How much of the Old Oyo Empire did you know? How many Alaafin did you know? How much do you know about Ijebu land, Egba land, Ijesa land, Ekiti Parapo? How much of Ondo, Owo, Akure, Ikale, and Akoko history ...

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odu ifa

Quote of the day by Omo Oba

Understanding one’s culture is the beginning of wisdom.

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yoruba kids

Yoruba Ronu, this is Worth Pondering

If you tell Oduduwa that his descendants are now mingling with other nationalities, he would say; I didn’t risk descending from heaven to achieve that If you tell Oranmiyan that Oyo is now a mere state and has no autonomy ...

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Stop pimping Oduduwa heritage – Omo Oba

Oduduwa hegemony must be retained. We are not slaves to any of the colonial thugs that invaded our land and took our civility for weakness. Enough is enough. Yoruba need to be freed from the assaults of Arabs and Europeans.

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