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Hausa al’adu


Hausa and Fulani: How Top 3 Nigeria’s traditional rulers are selected

Hausa and Fulani The Hausa and Fulani succession process is quite transparent when compared to other ethnic groups in Nigeria. The succession process is anchored by Kingmakers in conjunction with the State government. A list is then drawn up of ...

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Igbo Culture

Things Fall Apart, a compass For Igbo Culture

Things Fall Apart, a compass For Igbo Culture Things Fall Apart is a timeless book and an extraordinary read. It was penned by Chinua Achebe, one of Africa’s biggest writers. He wrote droves of interesting and captivating materials that catapulted him ...

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Video: Fulani Men Dance at the Gerewal Celebration in Niger

Youthful Fulani men in the town of Abdu Nazen, Niger, West Africa perform to win the favors of the most excellent young ladies of the opposite tribe. They are judged on beauty, ability, and appeal.

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Photos of Kannywood’s sweetest actresses, Rahama Sadau

Kaduna-state born delightful Rahama Ibrahim Sadau has been depicted as one of the most sweetest on-screen characters on the scene right now. See more lovely photos when you continue after the page break bellow.

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