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Central Bank of Nigeria devalues Naira, puts exchange rate at 168 Naira to a dollar

After a dwindling oil price in international market, the Central Bank of Nigeria today announced the devaluation of the Naira, pegging the Dollar to Naira exchange rate at N168 to a dollar from the N155 it was previously. Announcing the newest exchange ...

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Three unbelievable things probably if not in Nigeria will never happen in any country of the world

Every country needs rule of law, discipline, and order to survive. The laws and rules been constituted by communities and nation are meant to keep the community and the states to keep going. The system of punishment, prison terms and ...

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“Ó tán ni ní sùúrù.”

On Jaap Verduijn and Brenda Beek’s books. I have now had the chance to read Jaap Verduijn’s books. The books annoy me. And I am slow to get annoyed. I consider sùúrù one of the most important human qualities. But ...

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GEJ launches $50m Venture Capital Fund – YouWin

In his longing to make more occupations for Nigerians and extend the economy, President Goodluck Jonathan dispatched a $50million Venture Capital Fund known as the Youwin Small and Medium Enterprise Fund.  The store was dispatched alongside the fourth round of the ...

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What does success Require ?

“Long days, longer nights, Empty bank account, struggle, two faced friends, faith in yourself, and a work ethics so sick that if you were to tell someone how hard you actually grind they wouldn’t believe you”

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Lets agree to disagree !

“Capitalism is religion. Banks are churhces. Bankers are priest. Wealth is heaven. Pverty is hell. Rich people are saints. Poor people are sinners. Commodities are blessings. Money is God” Do you agree or not ?  

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When you Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t called ‘Hitler’

Take a look at this picture. Do you know who it is?  Most people haven’t heard of him. But you should have. When you see his face or hear his name you should get as sick in your stomach as ...

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True or False ?

Do you agree or not ?

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Post of the Day: What is wrong with my people?

Europeans succeeded teaching demonizing African natural medicine, cosmetics and lots more, using religion as a too of bamboozlement against out people’s consciousness. Presently, if a Nigerian sees you with black soap, he/she will accuse you of using charm without knowing ...

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