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Gbajumo Osere

Food Security: The Challenge of Our Time

For any nation to achieve tiger economy, the benchmark of economy development, it must properly set her agriculture mechanism in motion within the ambit of limited resources at its disposal. This entails agriculture growth of any nation does not depend ...

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Pics: What Kind Of Skin Disease Is This?

Whenever my brother sweats, he sees this on his underwear!

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sperm count

Top 5 Foods That Helps In Increasing Sperm Count

Research has demonstrated that 90 percent of Male Fertility issues are as an aftereffect of men’s inability to sufficiently produce sperm. Recent research has additionally demonstrated that 70 percent of all deformations that are found in children are as a ...

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5 of 11 Incredible Facts You Did not Know About Eggs (Healthy Fats & Protein)

5) Healthy Fats And Protein Eggs contain high levels of healthy fats and protein. Healthy fats help you feel full and satisfied, whilst protein helps you build muscle. Moreover, eggs contain antioxidants that help decrease the effects of aging and ...

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7 easy Ways to Firm Sagging Breasts

Every woman wants to have perfectly shaped breasts throughout her life. Sadly, this is not possible in most cases. Breast sagging is a natural process that happens with age wherein the breasts lose their suppleness and elasticity. Though saggy breasts ...

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Check out top 5 Healing Herbs You Should Know About!

There can be literally nothing better than a herb to cure diverse issues in your body. From minor rashes on the skin to extreme stomach pain, there is literally nothing that herbs can’t treat. Everything you need is the learning ...

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1 of 18 things You Didn’t Know About The P*nis (Clitor*s)

1. Every p*nis was a clitoris. Every p*nis in the womb starts as a clitoris before hormones ‘s*x’ the brain of the to-be male. The man-hood retains the mark of its female heritage: its dark underskin and the thin ridge ...

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6 simple ways to tone & tighten up your bum (Bridge)


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Check out Top 10 Theories About How Biology Creates A Criminal

Some scientists theorize that criminal science or biology  is distinctive, with the inclination to violate the law encoded in the guilty party’s DNA. To say that somebody is “born bad” is a gross exaggeration, yet researchers have proposed that a ...

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Top 6 Medical Tests Couples Must Do Before They Tie the Knot !

I really feel this is the first article I ought to have composed on this platform. It is an issue that should be persistently tended to. I have heard individuals say that the only thing that is in any way ...

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