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Moringa leaves

Moringa: How To Use The leaves To Cure Ulcer

There are many herbal remedies that may be used to cure ulcer, however I will be sharing how to make use of moringa leaf to cure it. If other remedies didn’t meet your needs, you should try this remedy as ...

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Review- Poundo Potato - The Most Racist or Harmful Product on the Market

Review: Poundo Potato – The Most Racist or Harmful Product on the Market ?

There can never be a substitute for Amala and Yam. Irish Potato is one the meals we consume that may lead to early demise and here is why.

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10 Effects Of Alcohol on The Body

It’s no secret that alcohol consumption could cause major health issues, including cirrhosis of the liver and injuries sustained in automobile accidents. But if you believe liver disease and car crashes are the sole health threats posed by drinking, think ...

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See 10 Things That Happen To Your Body when You Walk Every Day

You will be shocked to see what are the results to the human body just from walking daily. The actual question is, have you got a free 15 to 30 minutes each day? In just a 24 hour period, anyone ...

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The Science of Yoruba Medicine

By Babalawo Olaifa Ifadamilare When considering traditional Yoruba medicine we must look at it scientifically, not religiously or superstitiously as is often the case. Although the results can be quite miraculous, it is not hocus pocus. We may even be ...

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How to Get Your Glow Back After Having a Baby

Being a new mother requires you to always be on your toes and this might leave you sleep-deprived. It can be difficult to even have a few minutes all by yourself. As a result, all of it takes a toll ...

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healthy tips

Top Healthy Tips ( How to live longer and Cancer free)

 这篇太值得看了! This is really worth reading!   祝身体永远健康,香港伊利沙伯医院临床肿瘤科唐志聪医生编写 : Wishing you good health always – Doctor Tang from St. Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong wrote this:   }《人,只要脾、肝、大肠、肾,四个功能健康,就能永远离开癌症、糖尿病、心脏病、高血压。 We, human being, as long as our spleen, liver, large intestine and kidney are ...

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kidney patient

Kidneys that were confirmed damaged, began to heal – Actor Leo Mezie shares his survival story .

During a press briefing held on Tuesday at Ojez Bar, Surulere, Lagos, the Nollywood actor told Allure Vanguard the story of his miraculous recovery from a Kidney ailment he suffered few months ago. He said his rapid recovery has compelled ...

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FG donates ₦157B worth of made-in-Nigeria drugs to Cameroon train accident victims

The FG of Nigeria has donated 70 tonnes of made-in-Nigeria drugs and medicare to Cameroon in aid of victims of the recent train accident that claimed at least 70 lives and injured hundreds.  The drugs included analgesics, infusions, anaesthetics, supplements, ...

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Herbal Cure for Vomiting Of Blood

See Herbal Cure for Vomiting Of Blood (Hematemasis)

This post will give effective herbal remedy to vomiting of blood, which the people in orthodox medicine call hematemasis. Hematemasis simply mean vomiting of blood. It should be noted that some people do make mistakes by confusing coughing of blood ...

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