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Naija reacts as Punch punches Buhari hard in Protest against his Total disrespect for the Rule of Law, calls him a ‘Military Dictator’ and his Administration a ‘Regime’

The Punch Newspaper says it’ll now prefix President Muhammadu Buhari’s name along with his rank as a military dictator in the 80s in most its publications in protest against disregard for the rule of law by his administration. In an editorial entitled ...

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Will Bitcoin break new records in 2020?

Marco, the most accurate chart I’ve found is a composite by PlanB, who is active on Twitter. His stock to flow model perfectly covers the historical BTC price changes from 2011, based on logarithmic growth. Based on past performance, BTC ...

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Ọjọ́ ìbí ọgọ́ta ọdún, Ogogo.. ìfẹsẹ̀wọnsẹ̀ eré bọ́lùú wáyé

Ọjọ́ ìbí ọgọ́ta ọdún, Ogogo.. ìfẹsẹ̀wọnsẹ̀ eré bọ́lùú wáyé Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Ìlúmọ̀ọ́ká òṣèré tíátà Yoruba to tí ta gbòǹgbò káàkiri àgbáyé ni Alhaji Taiwo Hassan tí ọ̀pọ̀ èèyàn mọ̀ sí Ogogo ọmọ kúlódò jẹ́. Nítorí náà kò ya ni lẹ́nu ...

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How To F*** Your Man(18+++)

This doesn’t guarantee that he’s going to be faithful, he will still cheat after all this!!! Nonsense😂😅 Just do it for the love you have for him😊💋 

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Meet my Iyanifa!

Aboruboye meet my Iyanifa!

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1906 picture of an Ìyánífá among the Ewe people.

Should any man remain entitled to be intimate with women, after flatly denying latter the power to become Ifa diviners?

Should women be allowed to practice as Ifa diviners?(Actually, what sort of stupid question am I asking?Who appointed men as the gatekeepers regulating what women should or should not do?)The proper question is this: should any man remain entitled to ...

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Iléeṣẹ́ DSS tú Sowore sílẹ̀ lẹ́yìn ọjọ́ gbọọrọ ní àhámọ́

Iléeṣẹ́ DSS tú Sowore sílẹ̀ lẹ́yìn ọjọ́ gbọọrọ ní àhámọ́ Fẹ́mi Akínṣọlá Àwọn òṣìṣẹ́ DSS gbé Soworẹ lásìkò tí ó fi ń léwájú ìwọ́de “Revolution now”.Ìtúsílẹ̀ rẹ̀ ń wáyé lẹ́yìn tí ó ti lo ọjọ́ márùndíláàdóje ní hàhámọ́ àwọn DSS. ...

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Total collapse of The Rule of Law: Shocking Video of The Struggle between Sowore and DSS

Nigeria as a country has never had it worst like this. This a total collapse of Rule of Law ?

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Almost ₦3.24 Trillion ($9 Billion) Worth of Bitcoin Moved On-Chain in 1 Hour: Record

On Dec. 4, $8.9 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) were shifted the blockchain in one single hour, excluding change volume, that will be Bitcoin that returns to the sender. Bitcoin’s high transaction volume was stated by Rafael Schultze-Kraft, the co-founder of ...

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₦7.1bn Fraud: Orji Kalu Bags 12 Years Imprisonment

…Court winds up company The Federal High Court in Lagos has convicted a former governor of Abia State , Orji Uzor Kalu , who was charged with N 7 .1 bn fraud . The court found him and his co ...

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