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Yahaya Bello

Èmi kò ní àrùn coronavirus – Yahaya Bello

Gomina ipinle Kogi,Ogbeni Yahaya Bollo lo n forere lori ero ayelujara pe ki won se fi orokoro ko oun lorun, oun lo ni arun covid-19 gege bi awon oloselu Kan se n gbee kiri. O ni loooto ni adari aabo ...

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covid 19 support

Ilé-ìwé Chrisland s̩e ìrànló̩wó̩ fún àwo̩n tó kù díè̩ fún l’Ekoo

Aiba won si nibe ni aiba won da sii. Eyi lo mu ki Alaga ile-iwe ati oludari, Mama Winfrey Awoshika ati Ibironke Adeyemi pese iresi, ewa, gaari ati ororo repete fun awon ti o ku die fun ni awujo.

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Akoko Technical University

Àkó̩kó̩ Technical University Ibadan pèsè aso̩ ìbomú àrà ò̩tun fún ìpínlè̩ Oyo

Àkó̩kó̩ Technical University Ibadan pèsè aso̩ ìbomú àrà ò̩tun fún ìpínlè̩ OyoÌròyìn láti o̩wo̩ Yínká Àlàbí Akoko Technical University to fi ikale si ilu Ibadan se bebe ni irole ana. Won pese aso ibomu ara otun fun ijoba ipinle Oyo. ...

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ifa books

Ifa books at affordable prices (now in stock)

ifa books

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ofun meji

Happy Ose Ifa to all Ifa devotees globally.

Happy Ose Ifa. An Odu references all situations, circumstances, actions and consequences in life, based on the innumerable ese (poetic tutorials/recitations) relative to the 256 Odu coding. In other words an Odu is your life path. Each Odu has over ...

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Bitcoins halving

#Bitcoin halving in less than a month

Read more about Bitcoin halving 2020. You may also like #BitcoinHalving2020: Will Bitcoin hit ₦36mln($100k) mark after the 2020 Halving?

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Have You Been Betrayed Before? Share Your Story, You Might Heal (This is mine)

People will betray you, you can't escape it. What is more important is that you come out Better

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20 New Cases Of Coronavirus In Nigeria.

Total 343. 91 Discharged. 10 DeathsTwenty new cases of #COVID19 have been reported as follows: 13 in Lagos2 in Edo2 in Kano2 in Ogun1 in Ondo As at 09:50 pm 13th April there are 343 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported ...

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This Video got me rolling all Night!

The way dude licked his lips is alarming, the monkey had no choice other than to take a smart defence by locking up. OMG!

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Video Of Buhari Announcing The Extension Of Lockdown for another 14 days In Lagos, Ogun And FCT

Watch the moment President Buhari announced the extention of lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and FCT for another 14 days, effective from 11PM tonight Monday 13th.

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