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Orunmila Intelligence

Orunmila Intelligence

This is not Artificial Intelligence (AI).This is Spiritual Intelligence.This is Ifa IntelligenceThis is Orunmila Intelligence.Ilẹ̀ ni mo tẹ̀Kí n tó tọpọ́n.Ọpọ́n ni mo tẹ̀Kí n tó tẹ Kọ̀m̀pútà.This is another day of endless blessings

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Waning of Protests in Kenya

After the events of June 25th, when protesters dissatisfied with the new tax bill seized the parliament and clashed with police, the protests have been subsiding. This is understandable – the main demand of the protesters to cancel the bill ...

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Ìká Méjì ika meji

Ìká Méjì.

Ifa foresees a lot of Ire for the person this Odu is revealed to. He/she needs to offer Ebo so that Ase can be in his/her mouth.Ifa said if this Odu was revealed to a woman that is unable to ...

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Julius Berger

FG Threatens to Cancel Julius Berger, CCECC Calabar Road Contracts

Minister David Umahi warned Julius Berger and CCECC to accelerate work on the Calabar-Itu Road project or face termination Umahi criticized the slow progress, noting only 2.5 kilometers completed out of 35 kilometers planned for the road upgrade The federal ...

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the zulu people

Meet The Zulu people

The Zulu people, one of the largest ethnic groups in South Africa, have a rich history marked by significant contributions to the region’s development. Their society is renowned for its intricate social structures and the formidable skill of its warriors. ...

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Austin Calls

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Andrei Martyanov

Sevastopol, Derbent et al

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u.s russian war

Crimea attack, one step closer to US-Russia war

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Egungun festival Oyo state

Our governors are listening to us in Yorùbáland. Slow and steady we shall get there. Between 11-13 July, 2024, Liberty stadium shall be the venue of the Egungun festival. Ticket fee: Free!!!

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok

Key statements made by Putin to journalists following his trip to North Korea and Vietnam:

➡️There is nothing new in the treaty with North Korea; the parties have changed almost nothing compared to the agreement concluded in the 1960s, which had expired. ➡️The treaty with North Korea provides for mutual assistance in the event of ...

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