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Contrabands to watch out for on a trip to Nigeria

Barring any unforeseen hitches, your entry into Nigeria should be smooth. After all, Nigeria is either your home country or host nation. However, things can take a strange turn when your personal property is tagged contraband and confiscated by immigration authorities. While, these items may be valuable to you, the laid out laws by each state can flush your treasured items down the tube.

To prevent any delay at the airport,  Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 online Hotel Booking Portal shares 6 items you do not carry home with you when returning from a trip abroad.


Hard currencies

Hard currencies

Carrying foreign denominations can be very risky. Apart from the fact that the money maybe ceased at the airport, it exposes you to robbers. The clamp down on hard currencies is important today because immigration officials are concerned about money laundering and funding for terrorists.

Hard Drugs

Hard Drugs

Attempting to peddle drugs is a no-go area for a smart traveller. If the carrier is caught, they will face dire consequences ranging from a long jail sentence to fatal penalties. Countries like Indonesia, China and Malaysia reward drug peddlers by sentencing them to death. Kano, Abuja and Lagos operate by the same modus.



Nigerians are not really in the habit of travelling with pets. However, for foreigners coming into the country, here’s some information they need to know: Your flurry cat of favourite dog can be impounded at the airport. The country was recently declared Ebola and is on the look-out for anything that breaches health safety.


Fire Arms

Fire Arms

Except you think you can bribe your way through the security system, don’t endeavour to carry guns and ammunition with you while travelling. With the nation enforcing strict laws on the movement of weapons, the penalty for the possession of arms is rather stiff and can sometimes lead to long term imprisonment.

Luxury Goods worth more than 50, 000

Luxury Goods worth more than 50, 000

Gifts and souvenirs are a must buy, when returning home. From jewelleries to smartphones, luxury watches, cameras, shoes and bags are some of the things travellers like to shop for while on a trip. However, if they are valued and worth more thanN50,000, you may be asked to forfeit it at the immigration check-point. Although, many people often disregard this law, it helps to stay of the right side of boarder officials.
Fake Accent

Fake Accent

Many people consider this an irrelevant show-off. As far as they are concerned, if you haven’t lived a large part of your childhood in America or London, you do not need an accent. Try speaking phonetics and you are considered ‘fake’.

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