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Will Smith

Will Smith, Ex-Saints Player Shot Dead by Driver of another Car after a trade of words

A former Super Bowl winner has been shot dead after a road rage incident in New Orleans. Ex-American footballer Will Smith, who played for the New Orleans Saints team, was killed and a lady, regarded as his wife, was wounded during the shooting yesterday. The 34-year-old was shot and killed after having a minor traffic collision in the city’s Garden District, the Times-Picayune newspaper reports.

The paper quoted police force sources and a Saints source “with direct knowledge of the incident “.In line with the report, a police spokesman said the victim and his wife were driving their vehicle when it was rear-ended. After a trade of words the driver of another vehicle shot the couple multiple times. Just hours prior to the incident, the former sports star posted a photo on Instagram of himself and his wife at a festival in New Orleans. He wrote he was “having a blast” before posted the image. The alleged shooter is in custody and a rifle was recovered.

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