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Alpha Vs Beta Males: Top 5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Strive To Be An Alpha Male

By Tonyebarcanista

Most people falsely misconstrue Alpha males to be irresponsible men filled with arrogance and are disrespectful towards women. They misconstrue Alpha males with with cocky males.

Many also misconstrue guys that are body builders with nice physique to be alpha males. Some misconstrue wealthy and fierce looking men as alpha males. Some even misconstrue womanizers, famous or people of high status to be alpha males. While some alpha males may belong to the aforementioned groups, not all those groups are alpha males.

Who Is An Alpha Male?
An Alpha male is the real man. He is a man’s man and a warrior. He is very confident and a stand-up guy. Irrespective of what you call him, he is a leader. He is the guy others look up to for motivation, inspiration, and often with a hint of jealousy. He is a man that knows what he wants, confident of himself and can’t be tossed around. The alpha male knows his power as a man and doesn’t use it as tool for oppression. He can’t be manipulated by women, and this makes him attracted to women. He’s the kind of man every woman want. The Alpha male is mentally and emotionally strong but kind. He is very Confident, yet humble, he assertive, yet gentle at times. He is very powerful, yet calm and tempered. He has self worth yet doesn’t proud! He is the kind of man every man should be. He is the kind of man that every woman crave for and hold in high esteem.

Who Is A Beta Male?
Beta males are men that always seek to fit in. They are the typical human pleasers with little or no opinion. Beta males in relationship and marriages are the typical Mr Nice Guys that always bury their thought, desire and want so as not to offend their partners. They are typical followers that always seek to blend with the society. They are not stand alone guys as they are easily manipulated. Because of these traits, Beta males are often disrespected and controlled by their partners, the society, their church, families etcetera.


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1. In Relationship

Alpha males go for who and what they want, and are men with standards. When their partners err, they are not afraid to speak their mind, address the problem and speak up when the boundaries they set are crossed. They inform their partners on the effect of their ill informed, they tell their partners the consequences on the relationship and take action to ensure that the partner falls in line. Alpha males don’t seek conflicts but are not afraid to tackle conflict head on. They are active and not passive

But Beta males don’t have any standard nor boundaries that they hold sacred. They would rather endure and die in silence when their partners err because they are afraid of causing conflict in their relationship. The ones that speak up do so in form of a plea or nag. They are passive men that live with burden in their heart in their bid to maintain peace that they never get.

2. Gentlemen Vs Mr Nice Guys
Alpha males are polite, nice to others, respectful but respects themselves and aren’t doormat; Alpha male will never allow anyone treat him like second fiddle no matter what. An Alpha male priories his own well-being, irrespective, he genuinely care about the needs of the people in his life and want the best for others. He does this not do this for validation, to gain attention or to be praised by people around him, he simply does it because it is the right thing to do. When an Alpha male doesn’t agree with you, he tells you.

Beta males on the other hand may be nice, courteous etc, but they don’t prioritise themselves. They are doormat, Yes-man. They are nice because they need the validation and they agree to a fault because they want to maintain the “Mr Nice Guy” tag.

3. Beta Males Are Bitchy, Alpha males Accepts or Change A Situation:
Alpha males takes responsibility for their lives. Once anything happens in their lives, an Alpha male seeks to do something about it. If an Alpha male finds his partner with another man, he takes action- whether to breakup with her or any other action. An Alpha male makes decision for himself; whether relationship, career or whatever.

But Beta males always look at someone to pass blame on. They don’t take responsibility, they bitch over it. A Beta male will find his partner in an unpleasant situation with another man, he runs to his pastor, family or social media to bitch about it… Seeking their help to take action because “he doesn’t want to act irrationally”. He’s a weak man! Simple!!!

4. Genuine Connection Vs validation
An Alpha male always seek genuine connection and friendship with their partners and people around them. They have no time for fake relationship. Alpha males don’t seek anybody’s validation to feel good. They are true to themselves.

Beta males are pretenders. They desire validation of their partners, friends and society to feel good about themselves. They are fake towards themselves and others around them because they suppress their true feelings for external validation.

5. Alpha males trust themselves to make decisions for their lives, Beta males follow popular opinion.

An alpha male may consult others before making decision, he evaluates the response he gets, and compare with what he had always wanted to do. If he still believe that his desires is the best for him ahead of popular opinion, he follows his mind, makes his decision and swim or sink with it without blaming others.

Beta males consults with people, he may or may not evaluate responses, but he follows popular opinion even if it doesn’t tally what he really wants because of his conformist character. He is always ready to blame others should his decision not turn out the way he wishes.

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I remain TonyeBarcanista

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