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I Have Just Been Scammed!!!!

I’m in so much tears right now!!!! Look at me just trying to do my business, and I just got scammed! Oh God tried to stop me but I wasn’t conscious enough!

It started with my card being declined and I reached out to Zenith bank on Twitter. I was told you add up a number on WhatsApp to chat with their customer care. I did and everything looked professional, honestly I had no idea that I was about to be scammed!

The scammer asked for my card details which I told him no, but he assured me that he is not a scammer. I sent it, but the card still didn’t work so I transferred my money to my dad’s account hoping to use his card, but the customer care kept disturbing me that they want to help me resolve it. I had to beg my dad to transfer back but he kept forgetting to transfer back and I was pissed!!!! I kept calling for hours till he finally did tonight and the customer care wiped off my account after I sent the OTP codes to him foolishly, thinking I was chatting with their staff!

After my account got wiped off, it was then I realized the mention on my Twitter was from a dorm account on Twitter!

I am in so much pains guys!

Scammers why did you do this to us?

Tell me, if something bad befalls your family will you be happy

I take all the blame…I have always been a security conscious person, but today …..

Please learn from my mistake.

I’m in so much tears right now.

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