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Man narrates how he cheated death on a road trip to Abuja from Lagos

My flight from Jos to Lagos was scheduled for noon but I got to the airport at about 11 am only to be told the flight was rescheduled to 10 am and it had left as at my arrival time at the airport. I didn’t want to spend an extra day in Jos.

So I called the office to book a flight from Abuja to Lagos for me so I could travel by road to Abuja to connect with the flight to Lagos.
I took a cab from the park in Jos and we headed to Abuja as planned. We were about 35km into Abuja when all of a sudden, I became restless.

I was seated at the back and for some weird reasons, I told the driver to park and allow my seat at the front. We had barely moved 400m when I noticed the car was jerking profusely and I asked the driver what was wrong with the car.

He said it was the nozzle and I told him to park let’s check what was wrong. Instead of parking, he called someone on the phone, presumably a mechanic as he was speaking Hausa which I didn’t understand but I remember he kept mentioning nozzle.

While he was still on the phone, a car double-crossed us and shouted “fire dey comot from your exhaust”. He said he had been trailing us to intimate us of the danger. Instantly, the driver parked and we (driver, my colleague, and I) dashed out of the car.

We quickly packed our belongings in the car and the driver brought out the fire extinguisher to manage the situation. The next thing we heard was boom & the car went into flames. All these (from when we parked to when it exploded)happened in less than 10 sec.
The car that left Jos in perfect condition was completely burnt in an instant. While I was seated at the back, I used the seatbelt and because people hardly use the back seat belt, it was a bit rusty and difficult to unhook at the time I switched my seat.

It was God that made me feel uncomfortable as I probably wouldn’t have switched my seat nor would I have noticed the jerking car which in turn made the driver place a call that reduced his speed & allowed the other road user to catch up and alert us.

When the fire starts, the seat belt becomes very difficult to unhook. Now imagine if I was trapped in the back seat with my seatbelt on? I couldn’t sleep for 3 good days as I kept imagining how things could have gone south if not for God.
From the rescheduled flight to the near-death accident. 29th of November 2021 would make it a year God showed up for me and I am eternally grateful for the gift of life.

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