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My Sad Interview Experience This Week..

I already have a stable job tho but I just thought of attending interviews with the aim of either greener pastures and to experience what most job seekers pass through. I’m a pharmacist though

The First was a job vacancy advertised on nairaland by an online firm in UK, they needed an online health rep.. The interview was on WhatsApp..They drilled me with so many research questions, gave me deadlines to submit and I always wowed them by submitting before deadline.. The interview process took about a week.. The next week..They called for salary negotiation..I was so excited but my excitement was cut short when they told me they’re paying according to minimum wage..i was taken aback..even though I opted for part time..30000 wasn’t cool because I knew their rep in uk won’t be paid same wage..i told them that I should be paid same as the person working in uk since it’s almost same job description but they said they’ll pay according to country’s minimum wage. I told them even a part time pharmacist cant earn such amount..she said Nigerians are obsessed with money..started giving entrepreneurship gospel bla bla..I just kuku lost interest..lol

The second was a pharmaceutical firm in Ikeja.i was sent an email to attend the interview after I applied online.I went there with a shirt n trouser(cooperate)..tucked in like a job seeker would do..was the first to arrive..I waited and was told to wait for md but meanwhile I should write aptitude test..I took the test it was a mixture of maths n English..I could remember some algebra..i answered most of the questions.. while writing..2 other applicants came in of which one was a nysc friend..They all dressed in suits..I felt intimidated sha…I finished the test , submitted and was called to meet the MD..I came into his office..greeted , sat down and waited for his questions..he first criticised my dressing saying I’m not following the etiquette of dressing for an interview..I was confused because Im always on cooperate wear when I attend such events.. maybe he wanted suit..after Askin a few questions of which I answered well..They thanked me n promised to get back to me..few days later my friend called me that he was called for a meeting with the MD..mixed feelings got me..I congratulated him o but I felt bad because I wasn’t called despite my preparations and expenses but it was quite an experience(maybe because I didn’t wear suit)..it’s not easy to be a job seeker in Nigeria..I’ve put myself in the shoes and understood the plight of graduates.

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